27+ Excellent New Year’s Eve Nail Art Ideas : Winter manicure trends.


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Sequins, glitters, rhinestones, yuka flakes and timeless classics are perfect for a New Year’s manicure and create a festive mood.

New Year’s holidays are a lot of brilliance, bright colors and expectation of a miracle, Santa Claus and gifts. Therefore, the manicure should be appropriate: memorable, sparkling, in a word thematic. Glitter, foil, drawings, rhinestones and much more are very appropriate here. Focus ha collected the most interesting options for the decor of the New Year’s manicure.

Timeless classics

Let’s start the selection, perhaps, with a classic manicure. It is always relevant, appropriate to any look and looks no less elegant than the brightest and most shiny coating. The most optimal options for a classic manicure for New Year’s Eve are nude, monochromatic, the color of which is better to match the overall tone of the image, rich red, as well as a good old jacket.

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When choosing the color of nails for a monochromatic manicure, you should also take into account the symbol of the coming year, a water tiger who loves blue, light blue, white, black, red colors.

Thematic drawings

What is the New Year without champagne, fireworks, Santa Claus, a Christmas tree and decorations for her? All these elements are usually displayed on the nails. However, the imagination of the nail service masters is not limited only with a spray of champagne or salutes. On New Year’s manicure, you can often see deer, snowmen and even heroes from animated films on a holiday theme, as well as tigers. Drawings in watercolor technique can be either accent or cover all nails. The mood will definitely not diminish from this.

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Glitter and sequins

What kind of New Year’s manicure is complete without this wonderful component? It gives extra shine to the nails, and is also suitable for applying individual elements when creating a festive picture on the nails: Christmas balls, sparkling sparklers, French, both colored and the other way round.

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Yucca flakes

A new word in manicure, which is perfect for creating a New Year’s covering, yucca. It is the thinnest and almost weightless mica with the characteristics of a chameleon pigment, shaped like snow flakes. In fact, the application is a rub, in terms of color saturation and radiance, it is a pigment. And according to the sensations of the decor on the marigold, it is also light and delicate like pollen.

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Blue-green yuka flakes in manicure will create a New Year’s fairy tale on the nails, and stretching with yuka flakes on nails will create an imitation of sparkling sparklers. Yuki flakes of the “Silver” shade are perfectly combined with any color of gel polish. If you scatter them over the nail, you get the effect of snowfall, and if you put them tightly, you get a frosty-ice texture.

Velvet sand

Another ode to the novelty, which in a short time was very fond of both masters and clients, is velvet sand. It allows you to create a covering that resembles fluffy snow in texture, and a soft sweater, and voluminous monograms. It can be used to imitate on the nails a frosty pattern on glass, falling snow, a sweater with deer, snow-white monograms on a contrasting background.

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Among other, equally popular materials for applying festive decor, foil, rubbing, rhinestones and the like.