51+ Wedding Gowns That Are Unique


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In search of “their” wedding dress, each bride goes to the wedding salon, where she is offered a huge range of chic dresses. Because of such an abundance of styles, the task is very complicated. Therefore, we decided to simplify it and prepared a review of wedding dresses with sleeves.

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Fashionable wedding dresses with sleeves from the collections

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New collections from eminent designers are full of beautiful models of wedding dresses with sleeves. This variation of the outfit is very popular. After all, it allows you to create a gentle and innocent image and at the same time preserve the intrigue. Also, the sleeves are very functional. They allow you to hide some imperfections, for example, skin defects, tattoos, etc.

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In the new season, the designers have identified several models, namely:

Fashionable white dresses with sleeves in the style of rustic and boho
In the modern interpretation, such models have a delicate design. In such outfits it is very comfortable and cozy to be throughout the solemn day.

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Such outfits do not have seasonality. In the winter months, wedding dresses with sleeves can be combined with a fur cape, half-coat or shawl. A luxurious collection of wedding dresses with long sleeves was presented by Alice Temprelli.

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All models are light and airy. A variety of textures, styles are presented in the collection from Naeem Khan. There are an abundance of translucent expensive fabrics, flowing material.

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Stylish white dresses with sleeves from Vera Wang

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Luxurious and rich. Elegant straight dresses with long sleeves from Vera Wang were able to embody the fine line of sophistication and sexuality.

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Wedding dresses A-silhouette with sleeve

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For several years they have not left the fashion Olympus. These are very feminine models that make the image gentle and fragile. Translucent inserts, lace in combination with long skirts look simply luxurious.

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In the collection of Ines Di Santo you could see a more daring version that would attract a brave and confident bride. The floor-length dress has a spicy cut around the thigh and a very deep neckline, but in combination with the A-silhouette, it all looks pretty cute.

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Dress with open shoulders and sleeves

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Such styles are perfectly combined with draperies, embroidery. Successful options were demonstrated by the British brand Marchesa. Models made of smooth material without unnecessary elements look very stylish, as for example in the photo of the fashionable image of the bride in a wedding dress with sleeves from Siriano. American fashion house Lela Rose has released a collection of wedding dresses with sleeves in a classic manner, but with modern notes. They are characterized by refinement and elegance, perfectly emphasize the fragile shoulders, focus on an elegant waist.

Lace wedding dresses

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They have always been and remain a symbol of tenderness, grace and luxury. In combination with an elegant style, they are able to create a stunning image that will look refined under any circumstances.

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It is for this reason that the designers of the fashion house Monique Lhuillier choose lace to create their fashion collections. Designer Ellie Saab also loves to experiment with this material, creating feminine and beautiful wedding dresses with long sleeves, complemented by bold lines, cuts, deep necklines.

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Short models of wedding dresses with sleeves

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These dresses are comfortable and very practical. They are no less interesting, beautiful and luxurious. Classic silhouettes in conjunction with soft lines give rise to feminine models. A vivid example of how stylish and elegant can look midi and short wedding dresses, showed the iconic English designer Jenny Packham.

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Laconic styles of bride’s dresses with sleeves

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They’ll probably never go out of style. After all, they embody not flashy luxury, but maximum elegance. In his outfits, Lela Rose adheres to conciseness. Here you will see impeccably smooth and simple silhouettes. Although they are not lush, they still attract the eyes of others and cause genuine admiration.

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Closed dresses with sleeves

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This is a delicate and restrained version of the wedding dress. Behind the simple cut hides refinement and refinement. Openwork sleeves, rhinestones, stones give the wedding dress a special chic and charm.

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Fitted silhouette successfully emphasizes the figure. Closed wedding dress with sleeves from such eminent designers as Jenny Packham, Oleg Cassini, Idan Cohen, Mira Zwillinger became an example of how different, but at the same time chic they can look.

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Styles with short sleeves

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A great option for spring and summer. The sleeve itself can have any kind. It can fit the hands, be a little free, translucent. Exclusive dresses with short sleeves are offered by Jenny Packham. They are devoid of hard corsets and lush skirts. Everything is quite elegant and modest. Suitable for romantic, dreamy natures.

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Variant with mermaid silhouette

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The mermaid style is suitable for girls who want to emphasize their hips and waist. Lace sleeves will be a great addition to this style. Gentle image at the week of wedding fashion offered brand Sachin Babi. The dress of the fish in the designer version is decorated with embroidery, which is very harmoniously combined with the naked shoulders.

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Lush closed wedding dresses

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These classic models are liked by many girls. After all, they look gorgeous. Lush dresses can be complemented by drapery, shuttlecocks and bows. The sleeves can be traditional or as in the photo of beautiful wedding dresses with sleeves from Reem Acra.

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Model of wedding dress with sleeves in Greek style

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The silhouette will emphasize the advantageously. At the same time, the Greek dress does not restrict movement and is very comfortable to wear. It looks very gentle and even weightless. An impeccable option for a celebration that will be held in the warmer months. Flying sleeves will become an additional decor and decorate the outfit. There are options for full, they will emphasize beautiful shapes and successfully mask the shortcomings of the figure.

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Wedding dresses with puffy sleeves

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This season, they are mega popular. And the length of the sleeves can be different. Especially interesting is the sleeve of three quarters of transparent fabric. An interesting selection of outfits with a sleeve 3/4 was presented by the fashion house Mira Zwillinger. In addition to interesting sleeves with a quarter, the eye catches the expensive finish, the décor of Italian beads, shimmering rhinestones.


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In addition to traditional white dresses, designers offer to dress on an important day of their lives in a wedding suit. Moreover, there are models that are in no way inferior in their beauty and sophistication to fashionable wedding dresses. They are decorated with large flowers, wide belts tied in a bow.

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Dress with train

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Always looks advantageous in the photos, allows you to effectively walk to the wedding venue. The train can be long or short, it all depends on individual preferences. The dress itself can be satin, lace and other spectacular materials.

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Photos of chic wedding dresses from fashionable couturiers

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Wedding dress with lace sleeves, embroidery, appliques, seductive cutouts, and maybe even overalls … What do you choose? A wide variety of styles of wedding dresses, a huge selection of materials, décor, styles. Modern brides have a lot to choose from. It can be elegant and modest options or more provocative, sexy dresses with an open back, bodices-illusions.

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