35+ Pretty Valentine’s Day Nails: Romance in Design


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If you want to fully enjoy the enchanting atmosphere of the holiday, then carefully consider all the details of the outfit, including a manicure for Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t matter how and where you will celebrate the holiday: in a cafe, at a disco or at home. The right nail design will help attract love into your life! And if you have already found your soul mate, then he will strengthen your feelings! Agree: there is a clear symbolism in a romantic manicure!

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  1.  Homemade Valentine’s Day Manicure: A Million Hearts

  2.  Other manicure ideas for Valentine’s Day

  3.  Beautiful Valentine’s Day Manicure: Color Tips

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1.Homemade manicure for Valentine’s Day: a million hearts

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The main attribute of the holiday – valentine – has the shape of a heart. Therefore, on this day, everything is replete with hearts. And they can be painted on nails in millions of different interpretations! We decided to separately highlight the design with hearts, as the most popular on Valentine’s Day.

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  • Come up with your own unique composition! It can be one large heart covering the entire area of ​​the plate, a pair of hearts, or a collage of small shapes.

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  • You can use completely different colors! Red and pink will symbolize passionate feelings, black and gray – sadness, blue or green – funny love adventures!

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  • The easiest way to draw a heart of the ideal shape is to put two small drops of varnish of the same size on the base, then use a toothpick to connect them, giving the desired shape.

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  • Another easy way is to use duct tape. You need to cut a heart-shaped hole in it. It remains only to glue the scotch tape with a stencil on the nail and paint over it with red varnish.

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  • If at work you do not have a strict dress code, then a bright extraordinary manicure can be done with gel polish. This way you can prolong the romantic mood for at least two weeks. And if the official setting does not recognize anything other than the classic jacket, then draw a heart on the gel with ordinary varnish. After the date, you can erase the images with acetone without damaging the base coat.

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2.Other Valentine’s Day manicure ideas

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  • “Love Messages”. Themed inscriptions in different languages ​​are very popular, such as Love, You and me, kiss, I love you. A word (or phrase) can be “stretched” over all nails, or neatly placed on one.

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  • “Romantic Drawings”. Young girls love to paint images on their nails on the theme of love. The records are mentally transformed into a sketchbook page, where they reflect their thoughts and mood. The very process of creativity is already a great pleasure! And a self-made manicure is a subject of incredible pride! Seductive lips, romantic silhouettes of a girl, birds, teddy bears, angels, keys to the heart appear on the nails. Moreover, they are often created in one color. Simple but original!

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  • And if you do not want to spend too much time on manicure, then get a new stamping plate with “romantic” stencils on the occasion of the holiday .

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  • “Love stories”. It is not easy to create a plot composition. However, it is quite possible to portray cats or doves in love at home, so do not rush to seek help from the salon. If a manicure needs to be done quickly, then stickers will help. Believe me, in specialty stores you can find everything, including images of Mickey Mouse with his girlfriend Mini. And even more touching than the story of “Love is”!

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  • “Dazzling beauty” . With shiny jewelry (both on the neck and on the nails), the woman hopes to attract attention. Rhinestones, sparkling details or simple glitter are a timeless addition to a festive manicure. If there is no time for a special manicure, and the date is set an hour after the end of the working day, then the design can be updated in five minutes! Just glue some rhinestones to a solid color (or other) base. The experts say that glitter will suit almost any design! Another thing is, will they be appropriate in a certain communication situation? But on Valentine’s Day, they will come in handy more than ever! Plus, glitter looks great even on short nails.But plot pictures and large patterns can only be placed on long plates.

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  • “Love in French”. A smile is the main tool for seducing men. And if it is present both on the face and on the nails, then this is a double force of attraction! … But seriously, the French manicure for Valentine’s Day urgently needs to be transformed! The easiest way is to decorate it with a few hearts or glitters. And if you approach the design with inspiration, you can beautifully bend a smile, forming a heart with it!

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    3.Beautiful Valentine’s Day Manicure: Color Tips

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  • After carefully examining the photo, it is not difficult to notice that, in general, designs for Valentine’s Day are made using all shades of red and pink. White and black are just an addition to it. The explanation is simple: red symbolizes feelings, passion, romance, love, hot blood.

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  • The rich red color of manicure can only be afforded by adult ladies, because it itself is a little defiant.

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  • Рисунки на белом фоне подчеркнут чистоту мыслей и непорочность образа молодой особы.

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  • Not so long ago, there were more romantic designs in which black predominates. Most likely, he has ceased to be associated only with sadness. This is elegance and mystery. In addition, rock and gothic lovers adore black, so even on February 14 they do not want to change their image.

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  • Drawings in a different color can also be found in the photo gallery. Green, blue, turquoise, caramel are no exception! The nature of this manicure is more playful and fun. If you have fun and joy in your heart on Valentine’s Day, show it off with colorful nail designs.

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