25+ Unique Wedding Rings


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1. Model
1.1 In the form of a crown
1.2 Double
1.3 Triple
1.4 Engraved
1.5 With fingerprints
1.6 With stones
1.7 Chains of Love
1.8 Relief
2. How to choose the right rings?

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Marriage is a serious and responsible step for every couple. And choosing exclusive wedding rings is a particularly important process. The fashion trend of wedding jewelry changes every year, and the desire to wear exclusive embellishments, which no one has, always remains.

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Exclusive and original wedding rings are the key to long marriage ties. I want this symbol of marriage ties to be a special and original object. In jewelry stores bring a lot of the same type and uninteresting solutions. How to choose rings of exclusive design?

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They say that in order to have a strong marriage, you need to take paired rings. Pairs mean the same in appearance, but different in size. For a man more, for a woman less. When searching for these jewelry products, first, you need to decide on the model.

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1. Model

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1.1 In the form of a crown

This wedding accessory solution came to us from Ireland. The crown is a symbol that confirms the strong, devoted love of two people. When choosing such embellishments, you will become an original married couple and will be like a real king and queen.

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The choice of silver items will emphasize the refined taste of the newlyweds. The silver ring will visually extend the hand of the young bride, show her romantic nature.

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Gold or platinum will talk about the prosperity and status of the pair. Due to the quality of these materials, the rings will last a long time and preserve the external beauty for many years.

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When choosing such things, young girls should look at a thin crown decorated with precious stones: diamonds, emeralds or sapphires.

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For an older bride, a wider crown is suitable, but in a calm design.

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Thin rings-crowns fascinate with a flawless look. For their décor, emeralds are more often used.

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In the male version of the ring should not be a lot of jewelry. This model symbolizes stateliness and independence. On the crowns, you should choose large-scale peaks. The ideal solution looks where the image is as close as possible to the real symbol of power.

1.2 Double

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The duo can be chosen both from gold of the same color and from an alloy of different metals. Classic yellow looks interesting with white or red metal. Double rings are made either intertwined or smooth and soldered together. There are also forms fastened to each other by a small chain.

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There are double rings separate from each other. They can be worn on different fingers or one at a time.

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1.3 Triple

There are types of jewelry fused with each other. It turns out one wide ring with two intervals. A spectacular solution in this case is white gold or platinum. The décor of such goods are large diamonds or diamonds. Such a decision is recommended to be done by mature couples.

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1.4 Engraved

Recently, newlyweds love to knock out engravings on the rings. There can be many options. For application, young people most often decide to write the name of the spouse on the inside of the object.

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If you want a phrase, it should be a motto for the subsequent family life. The most common option: the beginning of the sentence is written on one subject, and the continuation on another. For phrases choose any language: Russian, English or Latin. The more mysterious, the more interesting. They also choose Chinese characters, the date of acquaintance, the initials of the spouses or just the image of the heart.

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It is more convenient to write on the inside. This will allow it to last longer. It is desirable that the phrase should be no longer than twenty characters. The width of the letters depends on the size of the item and therefore is selected individually.

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The engraving on the marriage symbol is a very individual thing. It is of great importance for newlyweds. Each engraved ring is exclusive.

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1.5 With fingerprints

The drawing can be applied both from the outside and from the inside. From the outside it will be visible to everyone, but the image inside will be a mystery to the young. Rings in which the pattern is hidden are decorated with diamonds, emeralds or other jewelry.

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For couples who have a large budget, yellow gold or platinum is perfect. Also elegant will look alloy of pink and white metal.

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The technique of making such a pattern obliges the use of several forms. Thanks to this, the imprint retains its individual lines. No additional engraving is required. First, the objects are made of wax, in order to beautifully distribute the imprint. Only then from the wax form the headset is cast in gold, platinum or silver.

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1.6 With stones

Gold has always been considered a material for decoration. Diamonds symbolize strong love and therefore they are used to decorate goods. A scattering of small stones will elegantly decorate both women’s and men’s hands.

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Not all spouses can agree to a set with stones. On this occasion, a woman should not be upset, since the ring of the groom can be smooth, and the bride – with stones.

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Products with jewelry require careful care, because they are fragile. For example, sapphire can crack from an accidental impact on the wall. This is not a reason to abandon it, you just need to be especially careful. Not only with this stone, but also with any others.

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So that they do not become cloudy, you need to clean in time. An experienced master can do this correctly. At home, you can also clean the stones, but for this in the store you need to purchase a special product for caring for them.

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1.7 Chains of Love

The chain speaks of a strong, inseparable union between a man and a woman. The links of the chain of yellow or white gold are neatly connected to each other. In this form there are small precious stones. This will be the original sign of the marriage bond.

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1.8 Relief

For connoisseurs of native culture, options decorated with Slavic ligature are offered. Such rings are quite wide and ideal for both men and women. Paired rings of this design will make the wedding unusual.

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You can always find jewelers who are famous for their works and ideas to create rings of exclusive design just for you. The most popular craftsmen, working with all known metals, founded their brands.

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2. How to choose the right rings?

From the outside, it seems that there is nothing difficult when choosing these embellishments. I went to the store and bought it. But there are some rules that need to be followed in order not to make a mistake with the purchase:

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The main thing to remember is that this ring is not a holiday or a weekend. It will have to be worn constantly and for more than a dozen years. Take the choice with the utmost seriousness.

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What to do in order not to get lost in the variety of metals from which jewelry is made? At home to sit with the future spouse, to view the options that you like. Decide which metal or alloy attracts you the most.

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Most often, couples are faced with the problem that a girl wants a ring with pebbles, and a man without them. This problem is easily solved. Items can be chosen from one metal, but the woman is decorated, and the man is the classic version. They will look no less beautiful and harmonize with each other.
Decide whether there will be engravings, prints or any other additional “highlights” on the embellishments.

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Decide where you will buy: in the store or under the order of a private master.

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It is better to go to the fitting in the late afternoon. By the end of the day, your hands swell a little and you will be able to choose the right size for you. On the day of purchase, you should postpone physical activity, sports and do not consume large amounts of fluids. All these factors affect the shape of the finger, and purchased headsets risk being the wrong size on the day of the wedding.
If you and your spouse can not make a choice, then take the classics. Such rings will never go out of fashion and look beautiful on the hand.

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Remember, this is a decoration for life. Approach the matter responsibly. Make this purchase in a good mood, discard all bad thoughts. And then your unusual wedding rings will bring joy and happiness. Have a beautiful wedding!

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