21 Scary Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas


Bloody traces on the glass, sinister witches above the ceiling, pumpkins with a vampire grin … – on this day you can “let the genie out of the bottle” and enjoy the terrible and funny atmosphere of mysticism. Cooking cool decorations for Halloween.

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He came to us from the West and fascinated with his mystery and unrestrained enthusiasm. This is one of those holidays, which without makeup and thematic decor loses its meaning and charm. During Halloween, everyone can feel a little mystical and magical, turning their home into the abode of evil spirits and the other world.

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All this is relevant to this day. But now the bet is increasingly being made on horror and fear: the jewelry has become more and more eerie, and the colors are increasingly gloomy. But it is always important to know the measure, avoiding tastelessness and excessive tragedy. It’s still a holiday! We share with you the original ideas of Halloween décor:


A simple and affordable way to bring the entourage of the famous holiday to the interior is to use its most famous symbol – “Jack Lantern” from a pumpkin. However, in order to skillfully cut out a flashlight, you need to practice a little carving and, as they say, fill your hand.

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If you do not want to mess with pulling out and scraping the pulp, you can simply draw a face on the peel of the vegetable, and install a candle on its top.

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To betray the drama and bright contrast, some pumpkins can be painted black and mixed with orange specimens.

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Original and ominous will look pumpkins-vampires. It is enough to cut a small hole for the mouth and insert the purchased vampire jaws into it. As red eyes, rowan berries are suitable.

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There is no need to specially catch and dry these harmless animals. Quite suitable mouse figures, cut from colored cardboard. For greater expressiveness, attach buttoned eyes to the figures. In the company of a garland of black mice, a garland of white paper ghosts will look harmonious.

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Funny and beautiful look cocoons with small spiders, suspended from a chandelier or ceiling. They are made of dense white threads that get wet in PVA glue and wrap them around a small balloon. The next morning, when the glue on the thread is completely dry, the base-ball is pierced and removed. On different sides of the cocoons attach small spiders – purchased or made independently of cardboard.

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There is nowhere easier to leave them: dip your palms in red paint and apply them to the glass of a window or door. Such a small but eerie detail in the atmosphere of Halloween will be very useful.

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If the house has a staircase, it’s a pity to leave it without decor. A good option is homemade stickers in the form of mice with minks. In the presence of small pumpkins, they, along with candles, can decorate the edge of the steps. Only at the same time it is important to remember about safety precautions in order to prevent a fire.

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Another easy way to decorate Halloween windows is to attach paper ghosts peeking out of the frame to the glass. If desired, ghosts can be drawn on the glass with white or black paint.

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Decorate for Halloween can not only living rooms, but also office. Cute something peeking out of the drain tank, easy to make from black sticky paper.

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LED strips or garlands of different shades are good to use for making creepy funny jars. Draw faces on the front side of the jar, place an LED garland or tape there and close the container with a lid. Such glowing Jackie and ghosts can be placed throughout the house.

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White plastic canisters or barrels are also suitable for such a venture. Draw creepy faces on their outside, and place LEDs inside. Candles in this case will not work.

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Mice with wings are the most popular attribute of Halloween. From what they just do not make. But the simpler and more profitable, the more your time and budget are saved. For example, a good solution is to make mice from toilet paper stumpa. Paint the material black and bend the cardboard on the sides at both ends to give the sleeve a rectangular shape. Sharp corners will serve as ears and legs for mice. Glue cardboard wings to the back and hang the finished product to the ceiling or to the chandelier.

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It is quite easy to turn an ordinary table into a witch’s table, wearing on its legs traditional for Western folklore striped stockings and worn black shoes with a sharp nose. Of course, a witch in Russian folk culture does not wear this. Rather, lapti and ragged onucha (a white strip of fabric for winding the leg with a tourniquet) are suitable for her.

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Floral décor is relevant for any holiday, including Halloween. But the approach to the preparation of bouquets should be special … For example, white roses look terribly beautiful surrounded by small spiders, snakes and midges.

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No less terrifying are black or dark purple roses with large pupils instead of a core. For this craft, artificial flowers and eyes from old dolls, or bought in a joke store, are suitable.

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They can be made of brick, pieces of boards or cardboard. They need to be painted in the desired shade and decorated with curly segments of fabric or paper13. JACK’S PILLOWS
If there are many small pillows in the house, decorate a few of them in halloween style. You can buy orange or black pillows and supplement them with thematic faces, stories or phrases.

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If there are many small pillows in the house, decorate a few of them in halloween style. You can buy orange or black pillows and supplement them with thematic faces, stories or phrases.

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One of the most intimidating ideas for decor is to sharpen your head in a glass jar. But first you need to find a suitable creepy photo of a human head, print it, roll the picture into a roll and place it in a jar of water. Because of the water, the image will look three-dimensional and more realistic.

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The entrance or interior door is originally decorated in the style of the famous creation of Victor Frankenstein. You don’t need a lot of details. A lock of hair will be a black fabric hung from above the door, cut in the form of uneven zigzags. Eyes – circles of white and black paper, and instead of the mouth – a strip of black paper or fabric and one or two white squares as teeth. Be sure to add a symbolic black scar on the side.

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By the way, Frankenstein is not the only character who can decorate the door. Mummies, monsters, villains, witches … – any of the heroes of the holiday you like can be honored to be symbolically imprinted on your door.

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Ordinary white candles can turn into a frightening décor for Halloween with the help of red paint. Apply it to the base under the wick and on the leaky wax – and in front of you are candles melting with blood.

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Don’t like witches, skeletons and pumpkin faces? Then try to let a flock of cheerful ghosts into the house. Make them out of gauze. The easiest way is to take a white balloon, inflate it a little, throw gauze or tulle on it, wind them at the base of the ball with white thread and hang it to the top.

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If you want airy and weightless ghosts, use the ball only for the base. The principle here is the same as in the manufacture of cocoons – gauze should be dipped in PVA glue, cover its ball on a plastic bottle with wires in both directions and let the composition dry. Then it remains to get rid of the base and add eyes from buttons, fabric or cardboard to the ghost.

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According to beliefs, evil spirits like to settle in abandoned places, where a person’s foot rarely steps. And therefore there is dust and cobwebs in such corners can not be avoided. Use this symbolic attribute in the interior décor. For him, you will need balls of white, thin, woolen threads. Thin gauze is also suitable. Artificial web can wrap any part of the room, wrap it around a chandelier, chairs or part of the window.

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They can be everywhere! Stick out of the pot of flowers, out of the wall or peek out from under the sofa. Choose bright, striped socks and fill them with foam or cotton wool. Then wrap the resulting legs in gloomy black shoes or heeled shoes.

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Elegant for the holiday deserves to be and refrigerator. Its monochrome shade will serve as a good background for the embodiment of any character: from a ghost to a mummy.

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