Are you a teenage girl or mother of a teenager looking for the perfect hairstyle for prom night? Look no further! We have compiled 16 of the most beautiful red carpet updos from celebrities and their stylists that you can copy for prom night. From classic updos to more intricate styles, we have something to suit every taste and style.

The Classic French Twist

This timeless look is perfect for any special occasion, especially prom night. It looks best when kept sleek and simple, but you can always jazz it up with accessories if you want to stand out in the crowd. To get this look, create a deep side part, then gather your hair into a low ponytail at the base of your neck. Twist the ponytail until it wraps around itself, then pin it into place with bobby pins. Finish off with hairspray to hold it in place all night long!

Tousled Bun

A tousled bun is a great way to keep your hair off your face while still looking chic and elegant on the dance floor. To get this look, start by creating a deep side part and gathering all of your hair into a high ponytail at the crown of your head. Tease the ends of the ponytail with a comb or brush before twisting it until it forms a bun shape at the base of your head. Secure with bobby pins and finish off with hairspray for extra hold!

Braided Updo

Braided updos are one of our favorites for prom because they are both elegant and timeless! To get this look, start by creating two French braids along either side of your head from front to back (or from ear-to-ear). Gather all of your hair together at the back then twist it up into an updo shape before securing with bobby pins. Finish off with hairspray or gel for extra hold!

Sleek Ponytail

If you’re looking for something sleek and modern, try out this sleek ponytail style! Start by brushing all of your hair back away from your face before gathering it together in one hand at the nape of your neck. Use an elastic band to secure into place then use bobby pins to tuck any stray pieces away neatly behind your ears before finishing off with hairspray or gel for extra hold!


The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding the perfect updo hairstyle for prom night! Whether you’re looking for something timeless like a classic French twist or something more modern like a sleek ponytail, there are plenty of red carpet inspired looks that will take you right through until dawn without having to worry about any pesky flyaways or frizziness ruining your big night out! Don’t forget that accessories can also be great styling tools; try adding some sparkly clips or diamonds if you want an extra touch of glamour on prom night! Good luck finding the perfect style!

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