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  1. Light curls for the New Year

  2. Collected Hairstyles

  3. Varieties of New Year’s weaving hairstyles

  4. New Year’s hairstyles with bangs

  5. Using hairpins in New Year’s hairstyles

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Everyone is used to celebrating the New Year in a different way. Someone prefers to get together in a cheerful noisy company, but for someone they prefer a quiet and calm feast in the family circle. But be that as it may, there are unchanging things for girls. This is not about preparing a festive table, but choosing an outfit and, of course, a hairstyle for the holiday. If this task seems incredibly difficult, then we can easily help in solving it. We bring to the attention of fashionistas the most attractive and luxurious hairstyles for the New Year for long hair.

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1.Light curls for the New Year

Hair, easily curled into delicate curls, makes facial features more attractive. Achieving this effect is not difficult at all. Finally, you need to fix the strands with hairspray. Girls with naturally curly hair are incredibly lucky, because for a beautiful hairstyle you just need to use accessories. These can be hairpins, a headband or hairpins with decor. Styling with curls on one side is an alternative to loose hair. With this styling, the expression on the face takes on the features of playfulness. The hairstyle will look very interesting and extraordinary. This styling looks especially good with a cocktail dress. So you will provide a New Year’s look with elegance and femininity.

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2.Collected hairstyles for New Year’s

Eve for long hair Not every girl loves loose styling, because they can interfere with full-fledged fun on New Year’s Eve. In this situation, hairstyles with collected strands will come to the rescue. A bun is considered the most suitable for long hair.

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Classic beam

This hairstyle is the most suitable for celebrating the long-awaited New Year. In addition, her appearance is simply charming. The hairstyle looks luxurious on girls and women of any age. In this case, the beam can be made in any size and on any part of the head. A small pile, the use of harnesses, the use of hairpins and invisible hairpins with a festive decor will help to add an extraordinary look to the hairstyle.

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Volumetric bundle with braiding elements

This complex hairstyle takes a little more time than the previous options, but the final effect will delight the girl. The hairstyle is done exclusively on long hair. The most important point when performing is to lightly floss before performing the bundle.

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3.Varieties of New Year’s weaving hairstyles

Long braided hair is considered the most feminine and charming hairstyle. There are an incredible variety of options that are luxurious and alluring in their own way. But the following ideas will be the most suitable for long hair on New Year’s Eve.

Braid hairstyle

This weave looks very unusual and playful, especially when it comes to long hair. Use flower hairpins or a lovely tiara as a complement. This hairstyle will add charm and mystery to the female image.

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Pigtail waterfall

This type of braided hairstyle allows you to loosen your hair and at the same time collect some part that usually gets in the way and falls forward. It is best to wind loose strands in any way to give a festive hairstyle a solemnity.

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Pigtails in the form of a basket

The basket hairstyle will be a great option for celebrating the New Year. At the same time, there are two options for weaving the braid itself: French and classical. You can also make a more loose hairstyle with loose curls. Do not forget about fixing the hairstyle after completion. This will help keep your hair neat and gorgeous for longer.

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4.New Year’s hairstyles for long hair with bangs

Many women choose their haircuts for long hair with bangs. It can be flat, asymmetrical, elongated or shortened. There are many options for New Year’s hairstyles with the presence of this detail in the haircut. It is worth noting that the bangs are perfect for any hairstyle and make a woman’s face visually younger and playful.

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In the New Year, girls will look attractive with any hairstyle with bangs, so you can completely rely on your taste. The following are examples of the most common options.

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Making a headband from braids

When making a headband from a pigtail, you can neatly style and hold the main part of the hair, this is what will prevent the hairstyle from falling apart during the New Year’s party. This hairstyle is very easy to do. From the separated small strand in the temple area, we braid a pigtail and throw it to the other side. You can fix the resulting rim using invisibility and hairspray. This hairstyle with bangs looks quite festive and elegant.

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Sloppy styling for the New Year with voluminous bangs and long hair

This combination of long and messy hair gives the overall image of the girl incredible self-confidence. The direction of the hair can be absolutely any. When styling, the hair should not be styled perfectly, but on the contrary, it should have a disheveled and sloppy look. After all, this is the main goal and idea of ​​the image.

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5.The use of hairpins in New Year’s hairstyles for long hair

Sometimes the New Year’s bustle takes away all the time and there is no time at all to think about a festive hairstyle. It is still possible to fix this. To do this, you need to style your hair in its usual form and pin it with an unusual hair clip. You can use absolutely any hairpins and absolutely on any area of ​​the head. It all depends on the styling chosen by the girl. In the absence of a hair clip, an alternative option would be to use an invisible one. The location of the accessory should resemble a triangle or square. Thus, the hairstyle will acquire an interesting and original look.

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For beautiful and neat long curls, it is recommended to choose hairstyles with loose hair, so as not to hide such beauty from the eyes of others. In this way, the girl will be able to highlight her naturalness and sophistication. The following photo options will be the most suitable styling for New Year’s Eve.

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