Trendy Nail designs With Mirror Pigment


What only inventions do not surprise us designers, and their tricks concern wardrobe and manicure. Today, the mirror pigment returns to the trend.

Designed in this way, ladies’ nails look very exquisite, and for such a manicure will not require a high cost or any professional skills. A little gift – and your claws will be the envy of all charmers.

How to make a manicure with mirror polish?

To get a fashionable mirror manicure, such methods are used:

  • Directly the pigment itself, which can be easily found in specialty stores.
  • The foil applied to the nail plate is used by a technique called Flesh Nail Art.
  • Lucky, specially designed for such manicure manufacturers.
  • Self-adhesive film.
  • Metal plates. The same overhead nails.

Nail design with mirror effect

Not all of the above are easy to implement. Thus, working with foil will require a huge accuracy and perseverance, and the self-adhesive film will fly into a penny. And varnishes cannot provide an even mirror effect, and with overhead plates can cope only a professional master. But the pigment is applied and looks independently made design is no worse than a salon.

How to apply pigment?

Starting with the mirror pigment, you immediately note the ease of its application. However, first, the nail plate should be properly prepared. First, remove the old varnish, remove the outgrown cuticle, carefully cut the tips, and polish the nail surface.

Manicure with mirror effect

Nails with a mirror effect


Then begins the main stage: diligently apply the base, let it dry well, and then start using the main varnish. Choose any tone, but remember, the less pigment you apply, the more shade you choose as the main one. But to get the perfect mirror pigment, it is better to select the base of black color.

Further on top of the main varnish is superimposed mirror pigment, and it can be done with a brush, a small applicator, and even a finger. To make it better to grasp with varnish, rub it is recommended with point movements.

When the nail surface is wholly filled with pigment, the remaining amount is enough to swipe using a brush. It will only be left to cover the leg with a fixer and boldly go to a meeting with the astonished girlfriends.

If you do not like to do a manicure at home or you, for some reason, can not make yourself a quality mirror coating, then try to go to the salon and already visually see how the masters perform such a manicure.

Thus, you will be able to make a beautiful manicure and pedicure in the center of St. Petersburg and, on your example to learn the intricacies of the technique of applying mirror covering.

Nails with a mirror effect


A brief overview of the pigments for rubbing

Now almost every self-respecting brand producing gel-lacquer, there are pigments in the collection for rubbing. Consider a few popular options:

  • LIANAIL. This brand has a whole collection of WOW Pigments pigments, consisting of 24 beautiful shades: “chrome,” two-color with shimmer, shimmering, tricolor “maximum intensity.” All dyes are of good enough quality. Do not lose its luster after the overlapping top. For high-quality application in the collection, there is a unique transparent coating under the pigment.
  • EMI. The collection has various pigments: dense, translucent, with chameleon effect and neon. Chameleon pigments give a pronounced mirror effect.
  • El Corazon. The collection is represented by nine shades: gold, emerald, rich blue, pink, Bordeaux, bronze, platinum, mother-of-pearl. The pigment as a result of the application gives a light effect of mother-of-pearl.
  • MASURA. The pigment is sold in a set with a unique black base, convenient when creating a manicure. However, you do not need to expect from this rub a stunning mirror shine. After overlapping with the top, the “chrome” effect is created on the nails.
  • CANNI. Not a lousy wipe, which has a pronounced “Northern Lights” effect.