21 Halloween Acrylic Nails Design for 2020

Halloween Acrylic Nails Design (3)

It’s October, and many are thinking about a festive costume on Halloween night. But for any girl, a beautiful manicure is no less important to feel confident and attractive. In this post i will give you a selection of ideas for a thematic nail art design for Halloween.

Reincarnation is a process that can take a considerable amount of time, but it should not prevent you from celebrating Halloween. Even if you don’t have a suit, it will be enough to apply bright festive make-up and make original Halloween nail art. That’s why we invite you to read our selection of manicure ideas for Halloween.

#1. Bats and pumpkins

Bats and pumpkins are an integral part of Halloween. The combination of yellow and black will give ominousness to your image.

Halloween Acrylic Nails Design (3)

#2. Are you afraid of the dark?

The ominous snouts on your nails are perfect for the eerie, festive atmosphere.

Halloween Acrylic Nails Design (1)

#3. Funeral style

Halloween Acrylic Nails Design (4)

Pretty simple and stunning manicure. All it takes: black and gold varnishes and nail polish to create a rough contour for the coffin’s shape.

#4. The witch’s brew

Halloween Acrylic Nails Design (6)

Witches, black cats, and the full moon. There’s nothing more creepy.

#5. Friendly Frankenstein

Halloween Acrylic Nails Design (5)

This smiling Frankenstein is perfect if you want to create on your nails once a scary but cute fictional character.

#6. Green gradient

Halloween Acrylic Nails Design (2)

Perhaps such a manicure would like Frankenstein’s bride, but it is also pleasant for you if you are not indifferent to green. There’s something creepy and mysterious about him.