28 Easy Hair Styles For Short Hair

Awesome Hair Styles For Short Hair

short hairstyles are a special class. They can tell you about the one who wears them, much more than a suit. Therefore, you need to choose a hairstyle in the office with special attention, without crossing the boundaries of reason.

In the image of a professional there is no place for windiness, playful romanticism and, especially, sexuality. Check below some best easy DIY hairstyles for short hair

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A woman and at work remains a representative of the fair sex, but she should not carry it as a banner, putting on an office seductive outfit or doing an inappropriate hairstyle.

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short hairstyle requires restraint – this is the basic rule on which it is based. But brevity is not synonymous with boring and dull hairstyles, looking away from the merits of a woman. They should not focus, but they do not need to hide.

Taboo for the office – bangs on the eyes or other strands that cover them. At work, it is important to maintain clear eye contact without a halo of mystery.

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In short hairstyles it is quite difficult to define the limits of what is permissible, because in many respects it depends on the dress code.

In some companies, a strict teacher’s beam is the limit of permissible imagination, in others is allowed much more, including creative haircuts. But whatever exactly it is, the main thing – to maintain a balance in the image,

so that the hairstyle fits perfectly into it, complemented, but in any case did not stand out for its originality or other style.

For example, to a strict suit you can pick up a feminine hairstyle, and a blouse with a bow on the chest requires a laconic styling, otherwise it will be too much.

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A short haircut as a base is great for a businesswoman. It is better to make a neat symmetrical haircut, which easily takes on all the simple styling options.

Side parting and combed on one side hair or slightly lowered on the forehead bangs – ageless classic, which is very relevant for the office. Accessories short haircuts in the office, too, to no avail – they overload it, creating a sense of gravity, attracting attention.

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At work is not recommended to wear hair loose – they will interfere with the woman, they will have to correct, re-comb. This option is for example, if you imagine loose hair with an oblique slant, where the side strands are removed on the ears, and fixed by invisibles or light varnish.

The ideal option for loose hair is a clear graphic bean. You only need to monitor the shape and shine of hair, and during the morning preparations for work problems with such a basis will not be.

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For the average length the most suitable seems to be a haircut cascade, but the “ladder” should be flawless.

The tips can be pulled both inside and out, which does not interfere with the short hairstyle image. When hair swells, becomes long, asking for romantic curls, it is important to try not to disturb for long hair, and for medium as an optimal option can be recommended French braid or “prick.” Hair then decorated beautifully, exquisitely, hairstyle fits any outfit, and most importantly – does not interfere with the work and does not distract attention.

The “prick” can move to the braid, if the hair is not too long, otherwise it is better to decorate them in a bun.

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But the French braid – the hairstyle is not too simple, especially for self-execution. The main feature of all short hairstyles – simpleness and brevity, and what could be more appropriate to these definitions than “horse tail”? This is a versatile styling for almost any length.

The tail should not be done high, limited to the level of the middle of the head. It is good because you can change the location of the breakout, decorate with a discreet metal hoop, changing, but not passing facets.

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If a woman follows fashion, then this is definitely a big plus. However, there are examples where the principle of following fashion trends in favor of individuality will be disproved. Within the short style, this is also a embodiment of life.

Yulia Tymoshenko’s unforgettable braid proves that a woman politician can be both reserved, elegant, and unlike anyone else. Folk traditions, it turns out, can also serve as inspiration in this case.

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In “The Devil Wears Prada,” Meryl Streep wears a very ordinary short styling, but her color is a bleached gray hair. Boldly, succinctly, and again – an expression of individuality. And if the editor-in-chief of the invented magazine prefers to stand out in a tone that few people dare to do, its real prototype for many years wears a haircut, not pretending to be the original.

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Anna Wintour, the same “devil”, the iron lady of gloss, changes outfits, experimenting with combinations, but does not part with a clear graphic quad with bangs. And no matter how fashion changes, no matter how the currents in it boil, the bean, which stepped as if from the twenties, is inseparable from the steel image of this short woman.

General Requirements For Short Hairstyles


Even light waves, which gave nature or acquired with forceps, should keep in shape, do not fluff, do not lie erratically.


Colleagues, management, clients do not need to be distracted by intricate research, created with the purpose of highlighting individuality.
Smooth natural color. Do not give your hair poisonous, beating in the eyes shades – the natural look is very important.

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The color should be harmonious, alive, flat and even. The blonde’s grown black roots, the remnants of last year’s chalking or “eaten” paint look sloppy over time, which is unacceptable.

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Scattered ends, hair that are burned or badly damaged, are incompatible with the short image. After all, we can talk about the head of the department, a specialist in customer service, and these positions require an impeccable image.

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