19+ Fashionable Wedding Dresses


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Although the wedding image is often based on the classics, even here the changing fashion makes its own adjustments. This year, traditional A-silhouette dresses coexist with deliberately revealing outfits, similar to night shirts. Special attention is paid to details: lush sleeves or fabulous plumes.

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10 trends to consider when choosing a fashionable wedding dress

All these and many other trends in wedding fashion are collected in this article. Here you will find out which wedding dresses will be in fashion in the summer season. See photos and choose the actual image to look like the most fashionable bride!

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Wedding dresses with long puffy sleeves

The lush sleeve is an interesting highlight of the wedding image. Sleeves are sewn from translucent or dense material, give a touch of romance and tenderness. Wedding dresses with sleeves are a good idea for cool times and for girls who do not want to open their arms and shoulders. Although some models, for example, from Anastasia Zadorina, sleeves are more of an accessory than a full-fledged element of the dress.

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Dresses with removable train

Fashionable bride’s dress, complemented by a removable train, spectacular and at the same time practical. It is not always convenient to move around and carry a dense piece of fabric behind your back. It is enough to pose beautifully, and then remove this accessory and enjoy the freedom of movement.

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The train of wedding dresses may look like a single whole with the base, as in the image from Suzanne Neville, or differ in material and texture. The advantage of such models is that it is a 2-in-1, dress-trasformer. The dress with and without a train looks different, as if the bride has changed clothes. For lovers of diversity, it’s a must have.

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Voluminous floral appliques on the dress

Fashionable wedding dresses  should be decorated with flowers. So say eminent designers, including Suzanne Neville and Jenny Packham. The variety of décor here is huge. Flowers are full of either on the skirt or on the body. From such a contrast, the image only benefits, the dress looks interesting.

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The flower trend  reminds of an important participant in the wedding ceremony – the bride’s bouquet. Interestingly, many designers have dresses and jewelry of the same shade. The décor does not scream here, does not catch the eye, but gently complements the image.

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Wedding dresses with transparent corsets

A snow-white wedding dress is a symbol of the bride’s innocence, and modern models bring a touch of piquancy to this traditional image. The translucent top makes the image seductive, but observes decency. The chest is covered with lace and décor, and everything else is open to the eye.

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The image from Daalarna Couture is interesting with a vertical cut running from the neck to the waist, and also a stylish combination of a monochromatic satin bottom and a lace top. The same idea is used by Galia Lahav, placing decorative flowers on the bodice and sleeves of a completely transparent top.

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Wedding dress with shuttlecocks

Chic shuttlecocks are a great alternative to a huge train in the spring-summer  season. They add luxury and romance, become an important accent, decorating sleeves or skirt.

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In the wedding dress from the collection from Galia Lahav, the flounces differ in material and texture from the base. The silhouette resembles the fins on the tail of a mermaid, and the combination of shiny satin and lace pattern looks fabulous.

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Lush shuttlecocks on the novelty from Oscar de la Renta pass throughout the vertical. It turns out a beautiful wedding dress with a contrast between a laconic top and a chic bottom. The model from Marchesa differs in that the emphasis here is not on the skirt, but on the sleeves. Thanks to the flounces, they resemble wings, and the shape repeats the bottom of the skirt.

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Fashionable wedding dresses with pleated

Among the trends , pleating stands out. Wedding dress made of material to fold looks unusual. If it’s shiny fabric, silk or satin, the sun glare will color the outfit, attracting attention.

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Danielle Frankel offers a closed dress in the spirit of pleated minimalism. A spacious outfit does not fit the figure, but envelops it, leaving only the hands open. In the photo below, the shoulders are red, and the long sleeves and dress are completely covered with a small fold.

Volumetric bows

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Wedding summer  is rich in decor. These are not only huge flowers, but also lush bows. Designers including Marchesa and Oscar de la Renta place them at the back at the waist. In their performance, it is not just a cute décor, but the center of the whole image. The lush bottom, reinforced with a bow, creates an interesting contrast with the bared back.

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Dresses with a flower in the neck

The floral trend of  is not limited to the scattering of decor on the skirt and head. One huge flower on the shoulder, near the neck, creates an interesting asymmetry and becomes a bright accent of the whole image.

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A neat rose on the shoulder is the only interesting detail on a fairly simple outfit from Lela Rose. Vera Wong offers something more interesting. The entire sleeve is decorated in the form of a bouquet, and the shade, which can not be called snow-white, makes a variety in the usual colors of wedding dresses.

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Wedding image in lingerie style

A seductive alternative to lush wedding dresses is tight-fitting models, resembling more night shirts. Short, long or midi, these dresses repeat every curve of the body and look spectacular.

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Anastasia Zadorina complements the outfit with inserts of feathers and a cape resembling a silk peignioir. Together with a dress in the form of a night shirt, this is a worthy pair for an unusual wedding set.

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The image from Vivienne Westwood is laconic, and closest resembles a nightgod. Waves of silk repeat every movement, tightly fit and emphasize the harmony of the figure.

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Embroidery in the style of botanic

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Perhaps the most beautiful trend of this year is the embroidery of plant decor. Branches, leaves and fruits are mysteriously intertwined on the skirt, sleeves and lymph. The dress from Marchesa is made of a material with such a pattern, and Temperley London leaves monochromatic fragments that dilute the embroidery.

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Must have – classic wedding dress A-silhouette

A wedding classic that never gets old. Tight top and lush bottom, expanding downwards. The shoulders and arms are open, the corset is made in the shape of a heart, like Viktor & Rolf, or made in a straight line, like Suzanne Neville.

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Variations of the A-silhouette can be listed endlessly. The swlint of the skirt, the neckline, additional decorative elements bring their own zest to each model. A common feature of all models of this style is the elegance of the image. The bride looks and feels like a real princess.

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