15+ Creative Fashionable Nail Ideas


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New manicures appear at an enviable pace. And the shade of varnish or print on nails need not coordinate with trousers, skirts, tops, or overalls. The main purpose of a manicure is to highlight the lady’s individuality and emphasize her style. Fashion prints on nails  can differ, but they should be short and rounded.

TOR-1 Animal print on nails

This year, animal prints are more relevant than ever in the fashion world. Leopard nail prints are also popular this season. Therefore, you can experiment safely with different versions of nail drawings on this topic. Make your nails look like a cheetah, zebra or Dalmatian, or maybe a snake print, and be trendy. An animalistic manicure is a seasonal trend that emphasizes the lady’s individuality and gives her look originality. Here is a huge array of choices, so every member of the fair sex is expected to choose the best one.

Fashion print on nails
Fashion print on nails

Fashion prints on nails 2020 12 1

Fashion prints on nails 2020 13 2

Fashion prints on nails 2020 10 3

Fashion prints on nails 2020 9 4

Fashion prints on nails 2020 8 5


It’s only for girls who love to experiment that you can get a pop art manicure. It features bright colors and bold combinations. Because the brighter and more noticeable the nails are, the closer the manicure will be to pop art. Choose bright shades such as red, green, blue and yellow.

Fashion prints on nails 2020 20 6

Fashion prints on nails 2020 21 7

Fashion prints on nails 2020 24 8

Fashion prints on nails 2020 5 9


TOR-3 Impressionism

Beauty can be created on your nails without being a professional artist. Of course, a manicure in this style is not just a beautiful picture of nails; it is an opportunity to emphasize your individual style. This kind of manicure is more suitable for creative personalities and representatives of the fair sex, who appreciate art and creativity.

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Fashion prints on nails 2020 27 10

Fashion prints on nails 2020 4 11

TOR-4 Stripes

It’s hard to believe, but a simple strip can create a unique manicure. All nail salons this season actively use stripes. Even the same strip will not be the same for two fair sex, because it allows you to create really unique designs, creative and unique.

Fashion prints on nails 2020 14 12

Fashion prints on nails 2020 22 13

Fashion prints on nails 2020 23 14

TOR-5 Minimalism

Minimalism has always been and remains in trend in all areas, and manicure will not be an exception. Choosing a minimalist manicure, each girl will be stylish and fashionable. Such a manicure can be considered universal because it fits any image, any style of clothing. Regardless of the length of the nails, it will always be on-trend. It is incredibly gentle and natural—this season at the peak of fashion elegance and modesty.

Fashion prints on nails 2020 26 15

Fashion prints on nails 2020 1 16

TOR-6 Tropical Fruits

Each representative of the fair sex wants to emphasize their individuality, choosing a stylish and bright manicure. Tropical fruits are the perfect solution for daylight saving time when everyone dreams of a holiday on the shore and about juicy tropical fruits. This design is sure to appeal to fans of minimalism, all bright and unusual.

Fashion prints on nails 2020 18 17

Fashion prints on nails 2020 3 18

TOR-7 Minimalist print of fruits and berries

Manicure, where there are fruits and berries of small size – this is the season trend. Especially relevant such manicure with the onset of summer, when you want to soak up the tropical paradise. Fruit manicure is trending at other times of the year. The design with berries and fruits can make an image brighter, more creative, more individual.

Fashion prints on nails 2020 19 19

Fashion prints on nails 2020 15 20

TOR-8 Birds

Manicure with birds were swallows; flamingos, parrots, poos, hot birds are most often used at any time. As a rule, the background in it is neutral to focus on the bird’s main element. If it is winter, there are snowmen; in the summer, the image of swallows is relevant.

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Fashion prints on nails 2020 6 21

TOR-9 Miniature Flowers

Small, but such beautiful floral motifs in a manicure – a novelty of this year. Tulips,  peonies, daisies, cornflowers, roses are especially beautiful. On nails, any flower will look beautiful and original. Such a manicure will always be relevant, individual, emphasize the style and personality of each girl. Manicure is gentle and elegant, suitable for any style.

Fashion prints on nails 2020 11 22

Fashion prints on nails 2020 2 23

TOR-10 Inscriptions

The popularity of nail inscriptions is growing rapidly. Every girl strives to convey with her manicure the message that is so close to her. Now many different stickers are made, so it is not difficult to find a suitable option for yourself. It can be as separate symbols, words, and whole phrases. Such decoration gives a field for imagination and self-expression.

Fashion prints on nails 2020 7 24

Fashion prints on nails 2020 17 25


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