19+ Fashion skirts : The Latest Trends For Spring And Summer


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These days, it’s hard to imagine a women’s wardrobe without a skirt. Even lovers of trousers will like skirts from the fashion collection spring – summer. This season, both classic styles and extravagant minis are relevant. In a variety of shapes and fabrics, every fashionista will be able to choose a unique image for herself. We have studied the collections of top designers to tell you about the main trends in the fashion world.

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Actual lengths: midi and mini

Classic midi skirts of straight cut remain in fashion. The Prada collection presents a satin classic straight-cut skirt, which is very effectively combined with the original turtleneck and gray sweater. Such an image will be appropriate, both in the office, as well as at a social event. In the Spring season, midi skirts made of various fabrics will be relevant: satin, leather, jeans, delicate chiffon, translucent mesh.

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In the collections of Alberta Feretti and Iceberg are presented in spring romantic skirts-mini straight cut. These models are not only elegant, but also emphasize the beauty of long legs. In the trend as monochromatic pastel colors, and floral prints. Mini-skirt is appropriate with classic jackets, cardigans, and oversize sweaters. For lovers of free style, a combination of a short skirt with a T-shirt and sneakers is suitable.

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Trend No. 1 – Knitted suits with midi skirts

In spring and cool summer, everyday midi skirts made of soft and delicate knitwear, which fit snugly to the body, will be relevant. They will advantageously emphasize the figure of their owners. In combination with tops and jackets – this is a win-win and at the same time comfortable image, emphasizing elegance and style. Altuzarra convinces us of this. In a wide variety of colors, designers recommend to stop at the cage and monochromatic pastel colors. Deep cutouts this season are one of the trends that give a special piquancy to skirts of strict cut.

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Trend No. 2 – Summer skirts made of flowing fabrics

Flowing and incredibly feminine skirts of monochromatic colors will perfectly fit into both everyday and evening image. In spring fashion there are draperies, ruffles, flounces, as well as asymmetric cut, which will give mystery to the image of any socialite. Interesting combinations with light blouses and spectacular belts that emphasize harmony are presented in the collections of Altuzarra and Chloe.

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Trend No.3 – Midi length pencil skirts

Trends change, but one thing does not change from season to season: a pencil skirt. Because it’s a versatile and timeless style. You can create either a relaxed silhouette or an exquisite tight look. They are suitable for any figure, lengthen the legs and emphasize the shape. A modern woman can choose from a huge number of different materials. The hit of this season is skirts made of jeans and leather/eco-leather. Shirts and sweaters are stylishly combined with leather skirts.

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Trend No. 4 – Denim skirts

Thanks to trendsetters and fashionistas, we again see denim skirts on the catwalks. Denim skirt is one of the items of fashionable clothing, which can be combined with many beautiful outfits. In the collections of famous designers: absolutely stunning mini, with a low waist, fitted, flared, midi, dark and light, tight and free, torn, buttoned in front, etc.

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Trend No. 5 – Knitted skirts

Over the past year, knitted clothing has become one of the most popular trends. Many designers presented us with collections of knitted products. The range is wide and goes beyond the standard jumper for any season. Knitted sets of skirts and sweaters, which we loved so much last winter, have become lighter and brighter, are well suited for warm spring days and will give an optimistic mood.

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Trend No. 6 – Skirt in small pleated

The beauty of a simple pleated skirt is that it is one of those rare silhouettes that remains trending season after season. Smooth vertical folds are universal. Depending on where you’re going, pleated skirts go well with both a simple T-shirt for everyday outing and leather to create a chic and elegant look for an evening event.

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Trend No. 7 – Skirt in sports style

Skirts in the style of sport-chic are actively included in our wardrobe. They were created specifically to lead an active lifestyle. This bow will be appropriate not only for a walk, but also in everyday life. Lacing and pockets are often used in sports skirts. Young girls take pride of place for sports skirts in their wardrobe. They are suitable for creating an image in casual style and in everyday style.

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Trend No. 8 – Leather skirts of different lengths

Leather skirt can be picked up for any occasion. They come in different styles, lengths, colors and textures. For work, you can choose a leather midi skirt of neutral color in combination with a chic sweater and boots. Leather mini is suitable not only for a night walk around the city. Add a classic white shirt and leather vest to it, and you are ready for a business meeting. And in combination with a jumper, it is also suitable for informal meetings in a bar or a house party.

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Trend No. 9 – Silk and satin skirts

Satin skirt does not go out of fashion for several years. We’ve seen her countless times on favorite bloggers and celebrities. The most popular option for a satin skirt is midi, they are presented in a variety of colors such as green, yellow, red, pink, purple and even neon. Satin midi skirt is suitable for most body types, creating the perfect summer mood.

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Trend No. 10 – Skirts with summer prints

The weather is getting warmer, which means it’s time to finally take off your pants and get your favorite spring skirts. Floral prints are back in fashion. This cute feminine skirt is perfect for any style, they are incredibly comfortable and will make you feel confident. The summer print goes well with bright sweaters and tops, as well as lighter and more casual bases such as stylish shirts.

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Trend No.11 – Tweed skirts

Tweed is one of the quality, popular materials for creating a strict image. Designers use this material from year to year in their unique collections. In the spring , tweed skirts are especially relevant, because they combine both style and elegance, and also warm fashionistas due to the density of the fabric. The Ralph & Russo collection shows a perfect combination of a tweed miniskirt, a classic top and a medium-length jacket.


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