27+ Elongated Haircuts – That Will Upgrade Your Hairstyles


Beautiful haircuts are the most important part of any image. With their help, you can solve problems with appearance. The right shape visually corrects facial features: smooths angularity, lengthens the face, adds missing proportionality.

Today, stylists offer interesting solutions and types of long haircuts for women, which will help to remain beautiful, stylish and fashionable in any situation.

Types Of Elongated Haircuts With Names

The review presents long fashion haircuts that will be incredibly popular in the new season 2021: quad, bob, page, cascade, pixie and others.

Extended quad

It suits girls with any face. With this haircut, the hair is just below the chin, but not longer than the shoulders. She happens to bangs, and without her. The haircut is comfortable in styling. Curls can be curled, made harnesses, weave. The elongated quad with bangs softens the facial features and makes it more youthful in appearance.

udlinennye strizhki 4 copy 1

Extended direct quad

udlinennye strizhki 5 copy 2

Kare with bangs

udlinennye strizhki 3 copy 3

Elongated cascading quad

Extended bob

The bob haircut will accentuate the feminine and refined features of the face. Helps to correct wide cheekbones. The cut of the bob will look especially beautiful if the curls are slightly wavy. This option allows you to create a daring and sexy image. Haircut elongated bob with bangs looks as stylish as without it. This hairstyle allows you to change the pictures depending on mood and clothing easily.

In 2021 also remains a popular bob on the medium hair texture, which leaves a natural shape and balances the round face.

udlinennye strizhki 8 copy 4

Bob without bangs

udlinennye strizhki 9 copy 5

Bob with straight bangs

udlinennye strizhki 10 copy 6

Asymmetrical bean

Elongated bob-care

This is one of the favorite options of young girls. Performed in a variety of ways. The angle of the cut is of great importance – the sharper it is, the more graphic the long haircut is obtained. Its peculiarity is that the front strands remain elongated and gradually shortened. It does not require a lot of time to lay and is suitable for many girls. Suitable even for curly hair. In this case, it looks textured and at the same time natural.

udlinennye strizhki 1 copy 7

1 8

Pixie extended haircut

This is a novelty that was able to gain great popularity among women of different age groups. She was able to combine playfulness and rigout at the same time. The characteristic shape of the elongated pixie haircut is shortened on the sides of the strands, while on the back of the head they are longer. This hairstyle is most often supplemented by elongated, oblique bangs, which can be stacked in various ways, getting bright, creative images for each day.

udlinennye strizhki 12 copy 9

udlinennye strizhki 13 copy 10

udlinennye strizhki 14 copy 11

udlinennye strizhki 20 copy 12

Extended cascade

It’s a hit of all times. Both ordinary women and stars adore it. The absence of smooth cuts ensures airiness, lightness and naturalness of the hairstyle. It is very easy to lay the haircut of an elongated cascade. It looks luxurious without bangs, but if you want to hide a high forehead, then you will fit a haircut with an elongated bang, which is filled and stacked on the side.

udlinennye strizhki 15 copy 13

udlinennye strizhki 17 copy 14

Elongated ladder with a cascade

Short haircuts with an elongated nape

Such haircuts often make women field 40 years, but it does not mean that this option is not suitable for young girls. The cut-out, elongated at the back is ideal for fine hair, as the visual volume is created. She looks great with tattered bangs. The haircut, elongated from the back, will be able to soften the protruding chin and wide cheekbones. With the help of styling, you can create a romantic or casual style.

udlinennye strizhki 18 copy 15

udlinennye strizhki 03 copy 16

udlinennye strizhki 04 768x940 copy 17

Haircuts with elongated front strands

Elegant and practical. They are performed on both thick and thin hair. Many haircuts for women after 40 years include elongated strands because they allow making the profile more noble.

udlinennye strizhki 19 copy 18

Bob with elongated strands at the front

udlinennye strizhki 21 copy 19

Graded elongated haircut

It gives the hair a natural volume due to the multi-stage. It can be performed at any length. Graded haircuts on long hair allow you to get away from strict and straight lines. With the help of special technology, it turns out the effect of smoothness. Original and bold looks graded elongated short haircut. Make sure of this will help the photo. Short graded hairstyles with elongated bangs refresh the usual images, thanks to interesting and fashionable styling.

udlinennye strizhki 22 copy 20

2 21

Model haircut

It is the golden mean between bold creative style and classics. It always takes into account the individual characteristics of appearance. When creating a model elongated haircut 2020, it is important not to be afraid of experiments. This season, romantic and even sensual women’s elongated haircuts are popular. They can consist of several elements at once and have non-standard styling. To add to the created image of greater extravagance, stylists offer to play with the options of bangs. For example, model haircuts with oblique bangs visually change the symmetry of the face, making the sharp features of the face softer.

udlinennye strizhki 24 copy 22

3 23

Fashionable haircuts with elongated bangs

A common option among women of different ages. Their popularity is because they are multifunctional. They can be stacked in a variety of ways, receiving new images over and over again. Women’s haircuts with elongated bangs allow you to look different every day. Great go to the owners of a diamond-shaped or round face. Short haircut with elongated bangs emphasizes the correct shape of the head, visually lengthens the neck.

udlinennye strizhki 101 copy 24

udlinennye strizhki 25

udlinennye strizhki 28 copy 26

Haircut page

A practical and versatile option, as it suits many girls and women. If you have a round face, it is better to give preference to the hairstyle with braided bangs. With a thin hair structure, it is recommended to style the haircut with a slight perm. This version of a haircut on elongated hair will look good on thin girls, but full ladies it is better to refuse it.

udlinennye strizhki 29 copy 27

udlinennye strizhki 32 copy 28

udlinennye strizhki 30 copy 29

udlinennye strizhki 31 copy 30

Extended undercut (undercut)

An option for brave girls who have their own individual style and lead an active lifestyle. It belongs to the popular unisex style. The curls of different lengths are cut, and the transitions are quite obvious and noticeable. Often the hairstyle is decorated with a curly pattern, which is shaved by a typewriter. This option is usually preferred by young people who like to use different ways of self-expression.

udlinennye strizhki 11 copy 31

udlinennye strizhki 33 copy 32

udlinennye strizhki 38 copy 33

udlinennye strizhki 36 copy 34

udlinennye strizhki 37 copy 35

Extended haircut with a shaved face

This is not a rare version of stylish hairstyle in girls. More and more, some want to stand out and create a creative image that will attract attention and delight with its extraordinariness and brightness. This haircut is performed on any hair structure. In the photo of elongated short haircuts, you can see that the options for the performance of such hairstyles are very much.

udlinennye strizhki 34 copy 36

udlinennye strizhki 39 copy 37udlinennye strizhki 35 copy 38Fashion styling elongated haircut

An extended haircut on medium hair is not whimsical in styling. You can see this by looking at a step-by-step photo of the elongated haircut and its styling. You can try out a variety of different options. “Beach curls” will help to create an easy image. To create a fashionable styling, you will need a hairdryer with a diffuser and styling equipment.

To create the foundation of the final hairstyle, the spray is used to strengthen the curls. It is also a means to emphasize the waviness of the hair. It is applied to the hair and evenly distributed throughout their length.
Next in circular motions, pressing close to the scalp diffuser, dry the hair with a hairdryer.
Once the hair is dry and gets the desired volume, it must be treated with glue. It will help to emphasize the texture of curls.

That’s it. Fashion styling elongated haircut without bangs or with it ready!

Step-by-step instruction with a photo to create a fashionable beach styling

udlinennye strizhki 41 39

Stylish coloring on an elongated haircut

The texture of the haircut will emphasize fashionable coloring. If you like naturalness, then you will surely fit California chalking. Colored strands will help to stand out and emphasize the individual style. This season red, coffee, ash, blond shades are popular. And the ash tone can be supplemented with cornflower, purple, pink overflow. To the fashionable coloring can be attributed to dark tones with cold overflows. Extraordinarily stylish on an elongated quad looks the color of dark cinnamon. This shade perfectly shades dark or amber eyes. You can see this by looking at the photo of the elongated quad.

udlinennye strizhki 42 copy 40

California chalking up an elongated haircut

udlinennye strizhki 43 copy 41

udlinennye strizhki 46 copy 42Colouring with colored strands

udlinennye strizhki 45 copy 43

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Fashionable ash on long hair

udlinennye strizhki 50 copy 45

udlinennye strizhki 49 copy 46
Haircuts that lengthen the face tend to have long strands. They can be emphasized in contrasting color. To do this, the technique of ombre is chosen. Short “pixie” and “bob” of dark color can be painted with wide strands of lilac, blue hue, which are better distributed in the occipital or facet area of the head.

udlinennye strizhki 51 copy 47

Amber Ombe

udlinennye strizhki 53 copy 48

Light ombre

udlinennye strizhki 52 copy 49
Dark ombre

Another interesting technology of coloring short hair – Dim-out. As a result, the strands are darkened only in some places. The increased volume effect is created.

udlinennye strizhki 55 768x768 copy 50

Effect of overgrown roots or dim-out roots blackout

udlinennye strizhki 54 copy 51

udlinennye strizhki 56 copy 52

The fashion industry is already quite tired of templates. The new season allows you to boldly experiment, express yourself, emphasize individual characteristics of your appearance. So do not be afraid to change, use all the options for changing the image and then life will play with new colors, will become more interesting!

udlinennye strizhki 57 copy 53