Easy Winter Hairstyles Ideas 2020


Winter hairstyles are much more demanding than summer. The reason here is in unfavorable weather conditions and the need to wear headgear. Often hairstyles, which girls so diligently build before going outside, spoil and crumple under the hat. A lot of people’s hair also pushes, quite naughty. What should we do?

Here you will see easy stylish hairstyles for the winter of 2020. You will not be difficult to perform such styling, which will retain its pristine appearance even under the hat!
Using interesting accessories and pins relevant this season.

Using Interesting Accessories and Pins Relevant This Season

An integral part of many winter hairstyles 2020 are bright and shiny accessories. They decorate the styling and keep the hair in place, which in windy winters is very relevant.

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Here we see the classic “baby”: part of the hair from the top of the top is collected and fastened with a hairpin. It is made in the spirit of minimalism, almost indistinguishable from the color of hair.

This styling aims to fix the upper part of the hair while leaving the rest of the strands loose. The volume of curls is emphasized. This is the simplest style; it takes a little time to lay.

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Impressive styling, suitable for a wedding or other special occasion. The curls are stacked in waves and collected in a low beam. Starting from the top, the entire length passes an unusual accessory like a chain with extensive links.

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The hair is styled in a low ponytail and fastened with a simple rubber band. The focus is huge and shiny hairpins that fix the lateral strands. The same curls, which remained outside the hairpins, were well fixed with varnish, so neither the wind nor the frost could move them.

This fashionable winter hairstyle 2020 is relevant both for everyday life and for special occasions. Here the atmosphere is set by accessories: they can be both concise and festive, as in the photo.

Easy Braids Winter Hairstyles

From century to century, braiding retains its position. They can be quite different: thin and voluminous, long and short. Hair can be based on one or two pigtails, and complex weaving is also relevant.

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In the photo, two large braids start on both sides and converge on the back of your head. The rubber band is not visible here: a lock of hair wrapped around it. The lower ends of the strands are curled in waves to give volume. The bottom layer of the hair remains loose, slightly curled.

Weaving is made unusual, Dutch style. This trend is also called “inside out” because when weaving, strands are superimposed not one on top of the other from top to bottom, but from the bottom up. It turns out a voluminous, relief pattern. Two strands, pigtails or harnesses, collected from behind

Lob Haircut for Winter

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This is the hottest trend of hairstyles autumn-winter 2020-2021. On each side is taken one strand, which is either braided into the braid or rolled into a harness. On the back of the head, they meet and are fixed. The lower part of these strands falls freely, or straight, or curled into curls.

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In the photo, the hair is stacked in waves. Two strands are swirled in harnesses. It’s easier and faster than weaving braids. It looks no worse.

Here the hairstyle is held by two thin pigtails, braided deliberately carelessly. The effect of a slight mess is created. Waves create a romantic image. If there is no desire to spend time on a flat or iron, curls can be left straight.

Low Beams Winter Hairstyles

The hair gathered from below looks charming. The beam, tail, or weave begins on the back of the head, and the hair on the top of the head can be combed to give extra volume.

Hairstyles Winter 2020 ideas from hair stylists 5 7

Pictured is an interesting and complex hairstyle for the autumn-winter 2020-2021 season. It is unique in the contrast between smooth and voluminous strands. One of them is taken on one side, passes all over the head, and ends at the opposite ear. The rest of the curls are collected in a low beam, organized by a harness.

To create such beauty, you need a lot of patience, pins, and hairspray. The style is more suitable for a special occasion, although bold girls can do such styling and daily.

Low Tail Winter Hairstyles

Horse low tail is a choice of many women. The current fashion for hairstyles does not leave this trend, keeping it in high positions. Depending on the contours and facial features, you need to choose the right variation of the tail.

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The photo is an interesting option, suitable for the celebration. Around the tail turn strands in the form of intricate weaving. All hair is collected, the face remains without framing additional strands. This option is suitable for the girls of the oval face. If your face is square or round, you should leave a few strands at the face. The bang will also help smooth out excessive roundness or straight lines.

An example of what a tail with a spousal and left side strands looks like. This styling refers to the fashionable hairstyles of autumn and winter 2020. Each hair here is perfectly smooth and securely fixed. The more styling tools you use, the more you can be sure that no gust of wind and no cap threaten your beauty.

Light Waves Winter Hairstyles

This trend is eternal and relevant for the hair of any wave. Enough money for laying, iron or flat, a little patience and a great hairstyle ready!

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This is the current trend of autumn-winter 2020 in hairstyles: here emphasizes the naturalness, which is not threatened by winter.
In the photo we see light waves on the hair of medium length. The hairstyle is asymmetrical, the parting is not straight. This complicates the image, gives elegance and uniqueness.

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Now you know the main trends among fashion hairstyles relevant in the season “autumn-winter 2020-2021.” Many styling options are not complicated, it doesn’t take long to create beauty on your hair.

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The means for laying and fixing will make sure that your hairstyle is threatened: neither the wind nor the hat!

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