25+Easy Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas


Ideas for decorating a house for Thanksgiving will be discussed today. Create a colorful and festive mood with the help of a unique décor for the home. For big fans of yarn, a banner made of wooden dowels, actually yarn, tape and several other materials is suitable.

thanksgiving decor 2 1

Above the table you can hang a magnificent floral arrangement. It’s a great way to keep the atmosphere of summer.

thanksgiving decor 3 2

It will be interesting to look and a bright paper garland, in the middle of which it would be good to attach some actual inscription.

thanksgiving decor 4 3

Many will like the idea of making a garland of feathers. It looks unique and colorful, doesn’t it?

thanksgiving decor 5 4

Do not forget about the decoration of the festive table, which will serve as an excellent background for delicious festive dishes. Add copper bowls, marble tiles, small pumpkins and you’re done.

thanksgiving decor 6 5

Use and original wrapping paper with a geometric pattern.

thanksgiving decor 7 6

And green moss will be an excellent background for the central composition.

thanksgiving decor 8 7

Be sure to put white and orange pumpkins on the table. It looks very colorful and original.

thanksgiving decor 9 8

The highlight on the table can be a pine cone, will contribute to a good mood.

thanksgiving decor 10 9

Come up with your own holiday cocktail. To do this, you can simply decorate glasses with champagne.

thanksgiving decor 11 10

Lovers of cheese and olives present such a surprise.

thanksgiving decor 12 11

Do not forget about vegetarians. Prepare for them a delicious beet salad or salad of sesame carrots and shredded cabbage.

thanksgiving decor 13 12

thanksgiving decor 14 13

Decorate your festive dessert with alphabetical pasta. It’s a great way to add a bright note to the pie.

thanksgiving decor 15 14

Honey and flavored oil will surprise your guests.

thanksgiving decor 16 15

If there are supporters of healthy eating among your friends, you can cook keshu nuts with curry spices for them.

thanksgiving decor 17 16

Another great idea would be olive oil. Guests can enjoy it throughout the holiday, adding it to salads or bread.

thanksgiving decor 18 17