11 Easy “Game of Thrones” Hairstyles

easy game of thrones hairstyles
easy game of thrones hairstyles

Recently, girls are increasingly leaving their hair just loose and rarely do hairstyles, because it is considered that it is not easy. We decided to dispel this myth: you can at least every day create a variety of new images, and you do not need to take specialised courses, know sophisticated techniques and have at your disposal a lot of time.


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This romantic hairstyle is one of the popular hairstyles on red carpets for a very long time. At the same time to make it ridiculously simple: you need to divide the hair into two large sections equally and then take small outer strands and cross them down to the tips. But its main beauty is that you can experiment and create new images without end, using only one weaving scheme.

Daenerys Hairstyle (Game of Thrones Hairstyles)

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Ladies make Game of Thrones hairstyles with dignity and pride from the popular TV series “Game of Thrones”. Below example shows how easy it is to create a styling, as in Daenerys: weave on the sides two small common pigtails, round them around the head and fasten Invisibles on the back of the head.

Sloppy romantic bundle

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Beams – love at first sight almost all girls, because it is a very romantic, sweet, and effortless hairstyle, which differs at the same time a large variability, as well as pigtails. For example, here is a voluminous and a little sloppy version, which looks great in the autumn – a period of large sweaters and large scarves.

Reverse pigtail “fish tail”

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Complexity, this variety of the famous pigtail is not much different from the original – on the contrary, many consider this method even more straightforward, and the hairstyle is more voluminous. The technique of weaving here is almost the same, only with the difference that we do not put strands on each other, but, on the contrary, alternately pass one under the other.

Tail with cross-crossing design

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This hairstyle is a simple but spectacular way to hide a hairpin or and it diversifies the looks of the usual low ponytail. It is only necessary to spend a couple of extra minutes on the comb and volume at the back of the head, and now the hairstyle takes on a complete look.

The original braid of free weaving

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This original air pigtail is perfect for girls who are always in search of something new, but at the same time simple and attractive. Weaving is similar to the standard, of three strands, only not the same in thickness, and with one large in the middle and two thin on the sides, which create this unusual braid.

A spit-rope tucked into a wreath

If standard braids seem too complicated to you, then there is nothing more natural than a braid-rope (kos-Kato). To create it, you should take two strands and weave them tightly with each other. You can also ennoble this option by making a “katoon” on the front side and wrapping it around the head at the bottom.

Side tail, braided

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Diversify the side tail can be with a small pigtail: it is enough to wrap it around the central part of the hair, and now your hair is tame and looks well-groomed. The hairstyle is suitable for meeting in a cafe, and for a regular walk, and its creation will take no more than 5 minutes.

Elegant evening hairstyle

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A small comb on the back of the head, a high tail, a couple of manipulations – and here you are already the owner of a luxurious evening hairstyle, which is perfect for an important date, business meeting or any other special event.

Kos milkmaids

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The name may not be the most attractive, but this hairstyle looks very cute. To make it, you need to weave a standard, but lush braid of three large strands, wrap it around the head and fasten. And to make the hairstyle look more modern, you can release from the front and behind small strands that will help to give the image of romantic negligence.

Braid reverse weaving in combination with beam

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This option is suitable for those who want to freeze a little more and on the way out to get something very original and unusual. In this example, a French braid is used, but the beauty of this hairstyle is that you can do any other, such as “fishtail” – the possible options are limited only to your imagination.

Sloppy curly wreath

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This hairstyle is trendy on the Internet, only usually all hair is going upstairs, and in this case, is taken only a part that eventually looks like a slightly sloppy air wreath. To do this, you will need only a long rubber band and 2 minutes: that’s how long it took the girl in the instructions,

French spit

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French braids are a true classic. They look charming on both long and medium hair, and at the same time are quite refined even for an official occasion. This braid is created with the same three strands, but large strands on the sides are also added to them. The braid can be made as tight and loose, and you can also experiment and use both the hair and part of them.

Side pigtail-ladder

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This hairstyle is an excellent option for stylish and daring. And it is done on the principle of pigtail-waterfall, only with the difference that the “waves” of the upper braid are woven into the lower pigtail and end with a coke.

The “mermaid” pigtail combined with the styling a la Brigitte Bardot

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Don’t be alarmed: everything sounds more complicated again than it is. The aforementioned lush styling is done in two accounts, only here at the back instead of a fixed tail you need to make a small pigtail. The method of weaving something similar to the French scythe, only to the basis are added not significant, and short strands.