39+ Creative Christmas Trees for Your Inspo


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There are many things that can be added to a home to make it more festive. Wreaths and proper décor can really help convey the spirit of Christmas. However, nothing sets the tone like a Christmas tree. It’s too late to buy a Christmas tree, so why not make an alternative Christmas tree yourself?

Alternative Christmas trees can be recycled from things in the house, or you can get a little more creativity and still use those Christmas decorations to your advantage.

Here we have collected for you 39 alternative Christmas trees that can inspire you. From an 8-bit Christmas tree to simple wall Christmas trees, there really is no limit to what you can do with the right materials.

Cellular Christmas tree

christmas tree 18 1

Antique Paper Book Christmas Tree

christmas tree 28 2

Christmas tree made of shells

christmas tree 27 3

Hanging Christmas tree

christmas tree 8 4

Organized Shelf Christmas Tree

christmas tree 23 5

Christmas tree made of cardboard eggs

christmas tree 12 6

Christmas tree on the board

christmas tree 6 7

Christmas tree branch

christmas tree 5 8

Christmas tree made of driftwood

christmas tree 14 9

Christmas tree with geometric pattern

christmas tree 17 10

Christmas tree with washi ribbon

christmas tree 29 11

Piñata Christmas Tree

christmas tree 25 12

Crafts from sticks on the Christmas tree

christmas tree 11 13

Christmas tree made of balloons

christmas tree 2 14

8-bit Christmas tree

christmas tree 1 15

Christmas tree from books

christmas tree 7 16

Stairs to the Christmas tree

christmas tree 24 17

Portal Christmas Tree

christmas tree 20 18

Christmas tree wall

christmas tree 26 19

Christmas tree “Found objects”

christmas tree 9 20

Wall lamps for Christmas tree

christmas tree 16 21

Cardboard mini-Christmas tree Makedo

christmas tree 21 22

Wooden Christmas tree made of dowels with your own hands

christmas tree 13 23

Christmas tree made of fabric

christmas tree 15 24

Jubil tree Christmas Tree

christmas tree 19 25

Bookshelf Christmas Tree

christmas tree 4 26

Book Pages Christmas Tree

christmas tree 3 27

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