33+ Christmas home Decorating Ideas


New Year is a favorite holiday for both children and adults. Preparations for it begin in November. Original Christmas decorations for the house will help create a festive atmosphere, and their creation with your own hands is a great way to immerse yourself in a fairy tale on cold winter evenings. In our article, we have collected original and simple decor ideas with photos. Try to make them together with loved ones – and the New Year’s mood is ensured!

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Top 7 DIY Christmas home decoration ideas

Waste pantry junk can be used to decorate your home. Old glass Christmas tree decorations are suitable for vintage-style designs, and leftover rope and burlap are suitable for making a New Year’s wreath. There are many photos of New Year’s decorations for the home on the Internet – look how stylish and original such a decor looks!

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Snowflakes are the most popular holiday decorations. In addition to the traditional cutting out of felt or paper, there is another DIY New Year home decor idea. The jewelry can be made of wire, dipped in glue and sprinkled with salt mixed with glitter. If you hang such snowflakes from the ceiling or a chandelier at different heights on a transparent fishing line, you will get a real snowfall at home.

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The traditional New Year’s wreath is made from artificial or live Christmas tree branches. An old hanger or strong wire is used as a frame. The blank can be purchased at the store. The wreath is suitable for New Year’s decoration of an entrance door or walls in an apartment, as well as for decorating a candlestick. You can add berries, beautiful ribbons and cones to it.

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Another interesting idea for a beautiful wreath is made of yarn. To do this, you need a cardboard base on which threads are wound without a gap. For volumetric decoration, they take balls of different sizes. This is how such an original craft looks in the photographs:

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Fairy lights

The decoration is used not only for the New Year’s decoration of the Christmas tree. If your home has a fireplace or an imitation fireplace, the LED string can be placed inside to create the sensation of embers. Wrapped around a Christmas tree trunk, an ornament with a silvery glow will add a mysterious shimmer and magic to the setting.

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You can make a garland for home decoration with your own hands from paper or fabric. Cones strung on a rope look original. They can be dipped in white paint to simulate snow, or covered with gilding.

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Unusual Christmas tree toys

If you add ready-made Christmas tree toys made with your own hands, this will add originality to the decor. Decorations can be made from paper, fabric, natural materials, ornamented old light bulbs, crocheted.

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One of the most interesting options is dried citrus slices hanging on a string or figurines cut from the skin (for example, stars and houses). The jewelry not only looks beautiful, but also has a pleasant aroma, and the emitted essential oils are good for health.

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Wall panel

The walls in the house can be decorated with a kind of panel. To create it, you can use cardboard, pieces of board or fabric, on which you need to apply an image of a Christmas tree, snowflakes, congratulations or other attributes of the New Year with paint. Special artistic abilities are not required – drawings can be made as simple and unpretentious as possible. The panel will serve as an excellent decor element for celebrating the New Year, and its creation will appeal to both adults and children.

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Original tree

The Christmas tree is a symbol of the New Year. But not every house has a place to put a large artificial or living tree. Alternatively, you can decorate the room with a wall-mounted Christmas tree. You can make such a New Year’s decor for your home with your own hands from improvised means – beautiful ribbons, garlands, scraps of fabric, buttons, jewelry. The main thing is that the material repeats the contour of a real tree in outlines.

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A spruce made of wooden sticks looks original. You can hang toys, cones on them and fix small branches of a living coniferous plant. Looks stylish and unusual.

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Ideas for Christmas decorations for windows at home

Decorated window will delight the owner of the house and cheer up passers-by. The cornice, curtains and frame along the contour can be decorated with a luminous garland. In addition to the traditional decoration with snowflakes, whole pictures are painted on the windows.

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The special paint that imitates snow is easy to apply and rinse off without leaving marks. For those who do not have artistic talent, special stencils are sold. With their help, a drawing of any complexity is applied to the glass. Instead of paint, you can use toothpaste diluted in water.

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How to make a beautiful home decoration for the New Year of the Ox

The symbol of the coming 2021 according to the Eastern calendar is the Metal Bull. He loves shine, an abundance of jewelry combined with simplicity and brevity. The colors of the coming year are dominated by calm natural colors: white, turquoise, green, brown, sand. But it is undesirable to use the New Year’s decor for the house in blue and red shades.

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When decorating your home, you need to adhere to several decorating trends in 2020-2021:

  • simplicity and brevity;

  • metal decor elements – candlesticks, figurines;

  • the presence of silver shades when decorating a home;

  • the use of natural materials for decoration.

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It is preferable to put a live Christmas tree – the Ox loves naturalness. When choosing an artificial spruce, it is better to choose a white tree. For decoration, you need to use toys made from natural materials, berries, cones. You can put a box of hay or dried herbs under the tree.

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It is advisable to put figures on the festive table, personifying the symbol of the New Year – this will help attract good luck to the house. You can also decorate shelves, coffee tables, open shelves, window sills with figures and figurines. Drawings of gobies, for example, on glass or mirrors, would also be a good option.

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