55+ Best Christmas And Holiday Nail Design Ideas


Nail Design For Christmas : Drawing A Holiday!

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Snowflakes on nails

Exquisite attributes of the holiday look great on a dark, light, nude background or on a gradient. Create your own exclusive design! Although, even a simple six-pointed snowflake looks great on the nails! If you know how to get by with an ultra-thin brush – go for it! And for beginners, a needle, dots or toothpick are suitable. How to create the simplest snowflake? Drip a drop of varnish on the nail, then gently “pull” the lines out of it, connect them in patterns. And to create complex snowflakes on the nails, the photos of which you can see below, use the technique of stamping.

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Christmas trees on nails

You can depict beautiful lush Christmas trees on the plates, croaking their twigs with a lush snowball. But for beginners, we recommend drawing a stylized forest beauty, as in the photo, smoothly curving the line, gradually expanding the figure to the bottom. Look at how spectacular the Christmas’s manicure with a Christmas tree on a matte base of Marsala color looks!

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Christmas decorations

Round shiny balls are very easy to draw on plates. Use any bright colors, glitter, rhinestones. It is best to choose for the background all kinds of shades of green varnish: emerald, light green, mint, herbal or turquoise.

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Christmas’s manicure: drawing of a fairy-tale hero

Snowman on nails

This is perhaps the simplest of all Christmas drawings created at home. Two or three circles of different sizes, two eyes and a long nose – and a thematic pattern on the nails is created! Masters advise to depict this cheerful character on one finger, and decorate all the others with other attributes of the holiday.

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Santa Claus on his nails

Decorate one or two fingers with such an expressive pattern so as not to overload the design. Perhaps Santa Claus will fulfill your cherished wish! In extreme cases, a cheerful mood is provided to you! Not necessarily a Christmas’s manicure with drawings should be a real work of art! Stylized fairy-tale heroes look on the nails no worse than pictures of professionals! In any funny face, “decorated” with a red cap and a white beard, others will guess Santa Claus without error!

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Deer on nails

Good forest deer are a familiar decor of winter things. The complexity of the drawing depends on your artistic abilities. As you can see, rounded eyed faces with stylized horns look quite cute. And lovers of high art and precise forms will come to the aid of stamping!

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Cats and dogs

Cute pets in red hats are a kind of symbol of Christmas. Create a silhouette of a cat on plates, this does not require a lot of artistic skills. Then pull a red hat or bow around her neck over her ears. On the pages / we have already posted detailed instructions on how to draw cats on nails.

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Themed manicure: The Christmas is just around the corner!

We will briefly tell you a few more simple Christmas designs.

-Snow drifts.

Especially this option is appreciated by fans of fashionable French. A strict smile line can turn into a snow bump for a Christmas tree.

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christmas nail 3 22

– Packaged gifts.

Two lines and a small bow on the plates – and your nauts look like gifts. In cosmetics stores, you can find special golden and silver stripes, and perform a spectacular design in a matter of minutes.

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– Garlands.

Cheerful multi-colored lights can be painted with neon varnish. Then in the dim light, at the evening disco, they sparkle for real!

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– Patterns of warm sweater.

Ethnic geometric patterns on nails designers have promoted to the list of trends this year. Therefore, paint the hair with diamonds and triangles, folding them into a beautiful composition. And add to them one of the symbols of Christmas.

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– Bright candies, delicious cakes.

christmas nail 12 26

– The dial of the clock with time, made on a silver-gray base. Other ideas of trendy gray manicure see the latest publication.

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The Christmas’s drawings on the nails, the photos of which you saw in the article, were not made by experienced craftsmen at all, but by ordinary women who did a little practice in the art of manicure! You will definitely succeed, too!