Bob Haircut and Hairstyles- 2021


Our main task this season is to emphasize our individuality and natural beauty. If we talk about hairdressing, the desired effect is achieved at the expense of light, a little sloppy styling, soft coloring and the choice of natural shades of hair when dyeing.

All these criteria optimally meet the haircut bob – an ageless hit, from season to season conquering fashion catwalks and our hearts. This is a versatile option.

What will options for bob haircuts be in vogue in 2020?

Both short and elongated varieties are relevant. Among the latest fashion trends – a bean with a cane, allowing if necessary to adjust the oval of the face. Light waves are popular, which make the image both tender and playful.

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Bob haircut 9 2

No less in demand in 2020 and “shaggy-style” with its perkily shattered strands, it is creating a natural (but carefully thought out) mess. This method of styling is ideal for a trendy bob haircut on short and medium hair.

Bob haircut 7 3

“Shaggy-image” has already tried on many celebrities, for example, Scarlett Johansson, Bibi Rex, Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne and Jennifer Aniston.

Bob haircut 10 4

Bob haircut 11 5

Bob haircut 1 6

Bob haircut 13 7

Bob haircut 14 8

Bob haircut 15 9

Bob haircut 16 10

Bob haircut 20 11

Bob haircut 28 12


Warning: this style is only suitable for straight hair.
A short bob with an extended heel. This is the best option for women who want to look younger or hide any lack of appearance. The haircut looks good on both straight and curly hair.

Bob haircut 2 13

Bob haircut 17 14

Bob haircut 23 15

Bob haircut 27 16

Feminine elongation of curls in front for those who love romantic style.

Bob haircut 25 17

Bob haircut 29 18

Shave one temple with a bright coloring or pattern for real extremes.

Bob haircut 26 19

Bob haircut 24 20

Bob haircut 30 21

Bob on the middle hair. Waves and chalks

Among the novelties of women’s haircuts, 2020 should be noted fashion wave-bob, very much loved by Hollywood celebrities. “The Wavy Bob” featured Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Graham, Naomi Watts, Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Hudson on the red carpet.

Bob haircut 3 22

Bob haircut 31 23

This haircut is the best option for curly hair. Thanks to her, we no longer have to torment the recalcitrant curls with irons and flats, in an attempt to straighten them to a perfectly even state.

It’s hard to imagine a modern bean without a cane. It can be stacked in different ways: on a scythe or straight parting, depending on the shape of the face. The length is preferable maximum with a smooth transition to the main weight of the hair.

Trend number 1 was layered blackness with a ragged edge, generally not requiring styling. It is with them the cut of the bob in 2020 looks fashionable.

Bob haircut 32 24

Long bob haircut. Playful curls against multilayeredness

Long Bob has not parted with the style of Long Bob for several years in a row star idols, including Jessica Alba, Miranda Lambert, Anne Hathaway, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez.

Bob haircut 6 25

Bob haircut 33 26

This season, elongated beans are made not only on straight but also on slightly curly hair. A massive wave, according to stylists, helps us to throw off a few years, makes the image girlish and fresh.

Bob-kare – 2020 for long hair is recommended to combine with the technique of balayage, giving the hairstyle an extra volume.

Bob haircut 21 27

Bob haircut 22 28

You can make curls, and with the help of a multi-layered “cascade.” This option can be found on every second photo of a fashionable bob haircut this year

Bob haircut 34 29

Topical styling for a bob haircut

The simplest way we’ve mentioned is a light perm, which is designed for relatively long hair. The hairstyle is suitable both for a walk with friends and for the evening out.

Bob haircut 19 30

Bob haircut 35 31

Bob haircut 36 32

Bob haircut 39 33

Business look looks excellent with a beam, which is easy to do based on a long haircut.

Bob haircut 37 34

For each day will be suitable a variety of hairstyles with braids, including the popular classic French waterfall or variations with harnesses.

Bob haircut 44 35

And finally, do not forget about the flak, which can be combed to one side or split by a straight break, as well as pick up a hoop, or a large, bright hairpin.

Bob haircut 4 36

Bob haircut 38 37


Bob haircut – 2020. Major trends in coloring

This season, only one color is rarely used in hair dyeing. To make the curls look natural and lush, techniques such as coloring, chalking and armouring are used, as well as their more modern varieties:

  • Shatush
  • Baby light
  • Sombre
  • balaj
  • 3D staining
  • In any choice, you need to stick to the natural shade palette and not create strong contrasts.

Bob haircut 40 38

Bob haircut 42 39

Bob haircut 47 40

Bob haircut 48 41

Bob haircut 12 42

Bob haircut 41 43

Bob haircut 43 44

Bob haircut 45 45

Bob haircut 46 46