31 Star Examples for Blonde Highlights to Be Inspired or to Think About


We understand by the example of celebrities, how hair color can change the appearance – give or, on the contrary, deprive individuality.

The decision to repaint, as practice shows, most often arises when a new stage begins in life, or some screen/podium image exceptionally inspires us. A radical change of image requires both courage and a clear understanding of how easy change will be. To inspire you to experiment (or protect from it), we have selected three dozen star transitions from the light side to the dark and back. 

Melania Trump


The first lady of the United States has her hair brightened by the end of 2018. The image turned out to be unexpectedly bright because earlier Melania, for a long time, preferred close to the natural chestnut-red shade, and the maximum that she allowed herself was the partial chalking of individual strands.

Immediately began to multiply theories, why Mrs. For example, Trump repainted the suggestion that the blonde successfully masks gray hair (all amusing explanations of this fact look in the material “Why Melania Trump became blonde?”).


We note that the light shade refreshed President Trump’s wife but also made too much emphasis in makeup – It highlighted eyebrows and intense “smokes.” If Melania decides to remain blonde, she will have to master the natural makeup skills – doubt that for blondes, it should be less bright and do not have to.

Melania also has to keep a close eye on the lighting during photo shoots: electric light often gives a blonde unesthetic yellow, and for Mrs. Trump, it is fraught with constant comparisons of her hair with the great hair of the spouse.

Margot Robbie


Margot Robbie is equally suitable for both light and dark shades. But still, the actress prefers blond, and when she, repainted in chocolate, appeared at the Oscars in 2014 (then “The Wolf of Wall Street” with her participation was in the nominees for the best film of the year), all gasped in amazement.


Brunette Margot looks lanky and sultry, but this hair color, coupled with intense makeup, instantly adds a couple of extra years to the girl. We hope that in the near future, Margot will not radically change the image.

Bella Hadid


Bella Hadid once surprised fans with a post on Twitter: in the photo, the model is pictured with a hair-hued platinum blonde and even with a pink tint. It is good that more such liberties, visually equal to her with Kim Kardashian (she, by the way, is also on our list) the younger Hadid did not allow themselves: Bella wonders how good dark-haired.


Jennifer Lawrence

The dark color favors Jen: she repainted the brunette for “The Hunger Games,” highly critically, and with curls of a touch of bitter chocolate won an Oscar for “My Psycho Guy.”


Let the blonde not marked with such creative success – “Joy” and remained only in the “Oscar” nominees, and for “Mom!” the actress was nominated for the cinematic anti-award “Golden Raspberry” – yet he goes more.


Angelina Jolie

In recent years, Angelina rarely experiments with style, preferring a “stable” vamp – dark red hair lipstick. But it wasn’t always like that. For the film “Life or something” (2002), she tried on the image of a la Marilyn Monroe and, in a platinum blonde, lost all her chic.


If it is true that Marcheline Bertrand, the mother of the actress, since infancy has accustomed her to toning her hair in a dark color – take off her hat before her foresight: dark Jolie goes much more bright.


Amber Heard


Natural blonde Amber Heard painted in pink, red, and dark stock for Johnny Depp – a big lover of contrasts. It is an exciting experience, given that the chosen color is not much darker than the actress’s dark-blond base. However, for quite a long time, it keeps the natural blonde.


Emma Stone


Neither dark nor light is entirely perfect for Emma Stone’s hair. The first makes her a lookalike Lindsay Lohan, and the second – gives similarities to the ex-“pepper” Emma Bunton. Remarkably, the actress without necessity does not take part in the perfect shade of shimmering in the sun bronze.


Dakota Johnson

Dakota has been blonde quite a few times: in 2006, 2010, and 2012. However, all this time, the girl, perhaps copying her mother (Melanie Griffith – “branded” blonde), chose not very successful shade – too light, light, and airy, he was in an apparent dissonance with the color type.


The skin tone of Johnson simplified her face and turned into a “girlfriend from a nearby entrance.” In our opinion, Dakota is much more of a classic dark, which makes her look fresher, and the image is more expensive.


Coco Rocha


The Canadian supermodel is a well-known experimenter. To cut a haircut under a boy or radically repaint for her is not difficult. We like both options, but note that in the “dark version,” Coco looks much more “expensive-rich.”


Gigi Hadid

The story of Gigi Hadid’s reincarnations is typical of all top models: what you can’t do for the sake of a contract. I am glad that modern fashion stylists rarely fight with the original “summer” color type of the elder Hadid and make her repaint.


In general, to her face and dark, and light, but still multifaceted, with “sunny” glare, natural blond – much more.


Victoria Beckham

In 2007, after Victoria Beckham in platinum blonde repainted thousands of girls. Perhaps this is the brightest beauty-period for the former “pose spice”: the old Adams was then hard to miss.


And let us miss Vicky’s blond bob, but we recognize that she is right – all her time. Today, the deep dark hue makes the appearance of the British style icon and mother of four children more elegant and expensive.


Katy Perry


In tireless lover of change Katie could well stop in his beauty experiments on the rich and dense shade of the crown wing, which gave her face a noble charm and resemblance to the actresses of old Hollywood (admit, looking at this photo, you also thought of Vivien Leigh?).


Reese Witherspoon


Reese Witherspoon has natural hair color with dark blond. The actress has long preferred a golden hue and does not appear in public even with a centimeter of regrown dark roots. But the moments when she was painted in creamy chocolate, clearly prove that he also goes to her.


Kirsten Dunst

But who exactly benefited from the transition to the category of blondes, it’s Kirsten Dunst. The nature of the “mouse”-blond shade of hair was well very simple for a cute, but very atypical face of the actress.


The blonde hair successfully highlighted the eyes and added lightness to the image. It is good that during pregnancy (in 2018, Dunst, together with the partner of the actor Jesse Plemons gave birth to the first child), she did not think to change the chosen image.


Zoe Deschanel


But Zoe Deschanel is a natural brunette, and a radical change of color confirms this. Blonde hair bleached and deprived of colors of the actress’ face – not even red lipstick. In the form of a blonde girl ceased to be recognizable.


Olivia Wilde

For a very long time, Olivia was faithful to the chosen style: a natural blond hair shade and long mirrored curls. After the birth of the first baby, the actress pulled on the changes: she briefly cut her cigarette, and then painted.

Blonde Highlights 51 1

In a short time, Olivia had time to visit both bright blonde and burning brunette. We have concluded that the well-known animal protector has a soft light tint to the face more than others.


Kendall Jenner

Blonde Highlights 7 2

Members of the Kardashian family like to divide the color palette as clearly as possible into black and white. Kendall is no exception, but we want to advise her to diversify the coloring techniques and try to wear more complex and multifaceted shades (and if she decides to stop on the blonde, also to light envied her eyebrows).


Elizabeth Olsen


The light chalking on the hair of the younger Olsen sisters clearly shows how color can have the anti-age effect: blonde Elizabeth looks a few years younger than herself as the most medium-blonde, which is not the case with her older twin sisters.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


The actress steadfastly keeps faithful to the length and color of hair, and we are ready to admit that she is right: a natural caramel-blond shade will forgive and cheap her image (however, as well as bangs).


Anne Hathaway

In the image of a bright, sexy blonde, Anne appeared at the Met Gala-2013 and hit everyone on the face. It happened almost immediately after the actress cut off luxurious curls and briefly cut off for the role in “Les Miserables”: two daring beauty-metamorphoses at once – and Hathaway immediately recorded in the revolutionary.


But almost immediately, Anne returned to the dark color, and we support her: he successfully and noble shades her pale skin and emphasizes warm brown eyes.


Uma Thurman


Brunette Uma Thurman is unusual, but not too organic. Calm sunny blonde to the face of the actress much more (and it’s not that we are used to it).


Carey Mulligan


The star of “The Great Gatsby” experimented a lot with color, repainting in blond, then in copper, then in chestnut. The latter proves that dark shades give her no less than a blonde, but the latter makes her image a little more romantic (as well as the length of hair a little longer than the average).


Cameron Diaz


Cameron, with dark hair, looks, perhaps more bright and spectacular, but at the same time older and more comfortable. The saturated chocolate actress is forced to complement the appropriate makeup, and prone to imperfections skin forces her to use bronzes, which significantly old Diaz. At the same time, blond hair perfectly accentuates her sky blue eyes. Our verdict is only blond.




Blonde for Rihanna (however, like any other African-American woman in her place – and even Meghan Markle) is a little too much. It is commendable that the singer recently more often prefers color games within dark shades. 


Charlize Theron


The period of dark hair (and eyebrow-threads) was primarily attributed to the “early” Charlize and her search for her perfect image. Now the actress does not hide that she prefers light shades, without production need does not paint in the dark, and we fully support her in this constancy.


Emma Watson


Emma Watson, as a true British woman, is supposed to be, is moderately conservative. We didn’t see her with a clean shade of blonde hair, but the sunlight and glare that gilded her hair in this photo gives a good idea that it would be very much to her face.


Kim Kardashian


The closing inspirational top 30 Kim is the embodiment of the famous saying, “The best is the enemy of the good.” Once again, when deciding on radical changes, you need to carefully analyze the compatibility of the desired result with its capabilities (and above all, with the color type).