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21+ Trendy Women’s jeans – Spring 2022

women jeans 1 75

Spring trends

Jeans are an integral, fairly common part of a woman’s wardrobe. This beautiful and comfortable thing suits everyone without exception, regardless of gender, body type and age category. Jeans look great on their owner both at a picnic with friends and in the office with business partners.

women jeans 36 76

women jeans 14 77

women jeans 6 78

women jeans 26 79

women jeans 16 80

women jeans 25 81

women jeans 23 82

women jeans 29 83

women jeans 30 84

women jeans 7 85

women jeans 28 86


For the upcoming season, fashion designers used almost all light, dark and catchy shades.

women jeans 8 87

women jeans 38 88

women jeans 35 89

Blue or cream

Jeans of these color shades will add femininity and sophistication to the image of any beauty.

women jeans 9 90

women jeans 10 91

women jeans 11 92

snow white

The most winning classic combination is black up and white down. The stylists took into account that the white color is universal, because it goes well with any shades.

women jeans 2 93

women jeans 3 94

women jeans 4 95


All shades of burgundy will perfectly get along with simple prints in the form of polka dots, stripes or cages. For drawings, it is best to use the following gamut:

women jeans 37 96


A very stylish and attractive look will turn out if jeans of a similar color are mixed with natural colors. For example:

women jeans 12 97

women jeans 13 98

Colored colors

In the trend of the coming season, an image in which the printed clothes have the same color as the jeans.

  • A combination of different tones of the same color. For example: red jeans and glamorous pink or delicate lilac top.

women jeans 31 99

women jeans 32 100

  • Among the prints in fashion are images of flowers and animals (zebra, lion, leopard, elk).

women jeans 34 101

  • Contrast lovers can experiment and choose an absolutely opposite color for a T-shirt, blouse or sweater in relation to the color of jeans.

women jeans 33 102

fashion style

Consider the popular jeans models of this season in more detail.


This is a unique model that is distinguished by a straight cut and is most often sewn from dense denim. Jeans of this style are perfect for both a business meeting and for having fun with friends in nature. Classic-cut jeans are universal because they are suitable for both young beauties and women over 40. They go great with things like:

women jeans 15 103

  • silk blouse;

  • stylish thin shirt;

  • lace top;

  • oversized items;

  • fitted jacket in plain color.


This style is slightly looser than the previous one, it also differs in that it guarantees greater freedom of movement and comfort in any situation. Otherwise, it is identical to the classic version.

women jeans 24 104


Boyfriends have burst into the fashion world recently. They have a low rise and a wide fit. Thanks to the original appearance and free form, they immediately found their fans. This style is best in harmony with such things as:

women jeans 5 105

  • elegant T-shirt;

  • exquisite sweater;

  • various t-shirts;

  • air shirts with vertical stripes;

  • simple versions of jackets.

When choosing shoes, you should give preference to the following models:

  • sandals with tractor soles;

    women jeans 20 106

  • women jeans 21 107

  • women jeans 22 108


    The spring fashion naturally did not do without skinny. This is one of the models ardently loved by young girls. Skinny jeans are incredibly skinny jeans that are very tight fitting from the hips to the ankles. Such models look great with the following things:

    women jeans 27 109

  • loose sweaters;

  • blouses in a classic style;

  • voluminous shirts (plaid or striped);

  • lush tops;

  • shirt dresses;

  • air t-shirts.

For girls with lush hips, a voluminous cardigan or a long fitted jacket is perfect. It is also perfectly acceptable to add a trench coat or a worn denim jacket to complete the look. These jeans will fit any shoe.


This season, flared jeans have reappeared, which have not lost their relevance since the 70s. These jeans are slimming and visually make the owner taller. Flare also has the ability to significantly revive and embellish the spring bow. The flared style presented this season will be an original addition to the wardrobe of women over 50. With these jeans, the following things will help complete the look:

women jeans 18 110

  • turtleneck;

  • loose t-shirt;

  • vest;

  • thick voluminous sweater;

  • classic white shirt

  • colorful poncho;

  • fitted jacket;

  • short coat.

women jeans 17 111

Regarding shoes, it is worth considering the option with heels. It is very important that the flare reaches the sole and the bottom of the heel. Also, do not overdo it with accessories and prints. It is best used in an image with a flared minimum of details.

55+ Gorgeous Bridal Hairstyles For Long Hair

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 2 112

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 3 113

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 4 114

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 5 115

Wedding bustle is an unforgettable event that will forever remain in the memory. Every bride on the most important day of her life dreams of looking special. On this day, great attention is paid to absolutely every detail. Of great importance is the chosen styling. Wedding hairstyle should correspond to the chosen image and last throughout the celebration.

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 6 116

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 7 117

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 8 118

Today, there are a lot of different stylistic trends in wedding fashion, but the trend is always beautiful loose curls, strict bundles and of course openwork weaving. Let’s take a closer look at what kind of wedding hairstyle you need to choose in order to get into the trend and at the same time not lose your individuality.

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 10 119

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 11 120

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 12 121


  • Fashionable wedding hairstyles for long hair ;

  • Classic wedding hairstyles for long hair;

  • Step-by-step instructions for performing a wedding hairstyle with your own hands.

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 13 122

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 14 123

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 15 124

Fashionable wedding hairstyles for long hair 

Wedding fashion is beautiful, luxurious and attractive. Looking at photos of beautiful wedding hairstyles, you begin to unwittingly admire them and of course virtually imagine them on yourself. Today, stylists are ready to further impress and surprise the beautiful half of humanity, offering original ideas that will make every bride irresistible.

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 16 125

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 17 126

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 18 127

Hairstyles of the bride with loose long hair

This is perhaps the most innocent, but at the same time sexual option. After all, long curls always look feminine and give the girl a special refinement and fragility. Loose hair will look great with any accessories. Styling has a natural look, which this season is at the peak of popularity. In addition, the bride can not worry about the fact that due to the wind it will disintegrate.

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 19 128

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 20 129

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 21 130

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 22 131

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 23 132

Wedding hairstyles with flowers

In spring and summer, most brides prefer romantic and light images, which can be emphasized by delicate flowers. They can be alive. In order for them not to wither by the end of the evening, choose a special variety and carry out a number of manipulations that will help keep them presentable until the evening. Fresh flowers in the wedding hairstyle for long hair 2019 look very harmonious in the finished image.

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 28 133

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 29 134

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 30 135

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 31 136

They add to it some kind of riddle that you want to solve. If you are afraid that the flowers will not withstand an intense day for events, then it is better to give preference to artificial accessories, especially since there are such instances that have great similarities with real ones. With the help of colors, a variety of styles are created. The bride can turn into a passionate Carmen, a charming nymph or a sultry Amazon. There are a lot of options!

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 32 137

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 33 138

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 35 139

Wedding hairstyles on the side

From them it is a glazes of elegance and aristocracy. They are performed quickly, but at the same time they look great. Complementing the styling with a veil, you can get a stylish and spectacular image. It should be noted that it is not necessary to limit yourself only to loose strands. It will look great slightly careless, openwork braid, elastic curls and even a bunch. The asymmetry of the hairstyle will emphasize large hanging earrings. They will balance the chosen image.

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 27 140

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 26 141

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 25 142

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 24 143

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 36 144

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 37 145

Collected long hair

This is one of the frequent options in wedding hairdressing. Feminine and cute look styling in the Greek style. There may be small curls, large curls, openwork braid. For very long hair, a tail will be a win-win solution. It can be placed on top or bottom. Decorate with large pearls, ribbons.

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 34 146

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 40 147

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 41 148

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 42 149

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 43 150

Classic wedding hairstyles for long hair

Classics are always in demand, as it is considered the standard of style. Classic hairstyles are distinguished by the right lines, clear contour and elegance. Although many hairdressers try to move away from excessive strictness, adding light mischievous notes.

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 44 151

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 45 152

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 46 153

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 47 154

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 38 155

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 39 156

Wedding hairstyles with bangs on long hair

There are many variations of them. Bangs is one of the brightest elements of styling. It complements and decorates. Perfectly combined with curls, high hairstyles, voluminous styling. Choosing one or another option, be sure to take into account the shape of the bangs. If you ignore this moment and choose the wrong thing, then the whole image can crumble.

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 43 150


gorgeous bridal hairstyles 45 152

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 46 153


gorgeous bridal hairstyles 50 160

Wedding hairstyles without bangs on long hair

Today, folklore style is of great interest. It does not imply the presence of a veil. Various ribbons, flower wreaths are used here. Beautiful look braids with different weaving. If the wedding takes place in a retro style, then the hairstyle should be appropriate. Actual waves, curls. No less popular is the beam, which can have any shape and height.

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 54 161

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 55 162

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 53 163

Wedding hairstyles with veil on long hair

Thanks to this accessory, you can professionally mask the mistakes of the master. Veil is the main accessory in the hairstyle. It is she who plays a dominant role. It is harmoniously combined with raised styling. Hair can be loose or on the contrary elegantly collected.

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 51 164

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 50 160

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 49 166

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 48 167

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 63 168

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 62 169

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 61 170

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 60 171

Wedding hairstyles without veils for long hair

Modern fashion is very interesting. She proposes to move away from traditional solutions and apply more modern ideas in the wedding image. Today it is important to use satin ribbons, threads, sewn with rhinestones or pearls. More and more brides prefer a laconic style, when perfectly smooth hair is loose. Such a hairstyle is usually decorated with large accessories – combs with stones, stylized hats. If you do not plan to use a veil, then you can create a beautiful styling based on openwork weaving.

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 59 172

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 58 173

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 57 174

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 56 175

Hairstyles with crown

Such hairstyles can turn any bride into a real queen. The accessory itself is beautiful and majestic. Even the most modest hairstyle will look very stylish. The crown is combined with volumetric styling, with curls or with light waves. It can also decorate braids or a classic shell..

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 68 176

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 69 177

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 65 178

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 86 179

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 81 180

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 77 181

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 76 182

Braids for long hair

Weaving remains at the peak of popularity. After all, braids allow you to add tenderness and innocent beauty to the image. A lot of hairstyles are created on the basis of the French braid. Also very popular is the option of “spikelet”, “5-strand spit”.

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 88 183

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 89 184

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 90 185

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 91 186

Step-by-step instructions for performing wedding hairstyles at home


gorgeous bridal hairstyles 73 187

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 74 188

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 75 189

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 79 190

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 80 191

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 107 192

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 106 193

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 105 194

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 104 195

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 103 196

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 102 197

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 101 198

gorgeous bridal hairstyles 100 199

51+ Best Design Ideas For Kitchen Furnishings

kitchen ideas 71 200


1.Furniture for a small kitchen
2.Furniture for a large kitchen
3.Corner furniture for the kitchen
4.Kitchen tables
5.Chairs for the kitchen
6.Furniture wall for the kitchen

kitchen ideas 70 201

The question of choosing furniture for the kitchen one day becomes relevant and paramount for each of us. The choice of high-quality, functional and comfortable furniture is a responsible and painstaking task. Therefore, we first study the theory of the furniture issue: what types exist and how to choose the right environment for your kitchen.

kitchen ideas 68 202

kitchen ideas 69 203

1.Furniture for a small kitchen

In the modern arsenal of furniture production, there are many profitable and ergonomic offers for a small kitchen. First of all, these are furniture transformers: folding tables, various retractable and folding additional surfaces, soft kitchen corners with storage systems under the seat.

kitchen ideas 67 204

kitchen ideas 66 205

Perfect for a small kitchen, built-in furniture and household appliances. This option saves kitchen space, allows you to make the kitchen as functional as possible, looks neat, orderly and stylish.

kitchen ideas 65 206

kitchen ideas 64 207

Corner furniture designs will also help rationally use the kitchen area: the corner sink has a large work surface, and the kitchen corner cabinet is very spacious.

kitchen ideas 63 208

kitchen ideas 62 209

2.Furniture for a large kitchen

The vast space of the kitchen allows not only to purchase the desired furniture of any size, to equip it with all necessary household appliances, but also to choose any interior style you like for the kitchen design. One of the most popular styles – classic – can be recognized by natural materials and warm colors in the interior of the kitchen, as well as by ceramic, bronze and copper elements or decor items, real wooden furniture.

kitchen ideas 61 210

kitchen ideas 60 211

Art Nouveau kitchen furniture is suitable for those who prefer asymmetry, monochrome color schemes. Loft-style furniture for the kitchen will delight with metal details and beautiful rich shades of deep gray. Organic rustic country style is a great idea for a kitchen. For country music, we choose simple and uncomplicated natural furniture, the elements of which are artificially aged. If you like restrained and strict furniture for the kitchen in white or light shades, then your choice is the Scandinavian style.

kitchen ideas 59 212

kitchen ideas 58 213

3.Corner furniture for the kitchen

Corner kitchen furniture is a practical and stylish option that has several main types. Kitchen furniture set in the shape of the letter “G”: ideal for small kitchens, work surfaces are traditionally located on the larger side, including gas or electric stoves, in the corner there is a sink, on the smaller side there is an end table cabinet.

kitchen ideas 57 214

kitchen ideas 56 215

kitchen ideas 55 216

Furniture for the kitchen in the form of the letter “P”: suitable only for fairly spacious rooms, symmetrical and functional equipment.

kitchen ideas 54 217

kitchen ideas 53 218

The third type of kitchen furniture is a circular kitchen, which is not suitable for all rooms, has a magnificent and unusual appearance, is functional and roomy.

kitchen ideas 52 219

kitchen ideas 51 220

Regardless of the chosen type, it is best to order furniture according to an individual project, suitable specifically for your kitchen. At the stage of project development, you will be able to select the necessary items and elements, as well as independently determine positions for placement.

kitchen ideas 45 221

kitchen ideas 44 222

4.Kitchen tables

When choosing a dining table for the kitchen, it is important to take into account the main criteria: the area of ​​​​the room, the configuration of the furniture set, compliance with the chosen interior style, material, color scheme, number of family members. For a small kitchen, compact models or transformers are suitable. In the kitchen of sufficient size, you can buy more tables.

kitchen ideas 43 223

kitchen ideas 42 224

kitchen ideas 41 225

The shape of the kitchen tables are round, square, triangular, oval, rectangular and unusual polygonal. Popular, high-quality and beautiful modern materials for making tables are natural wood, as well as durable artificial counterparts, spectacular glass, universal plastic, natural or decorative stone.

kitchen ideas 40 226

kitchen ideas 39 227

kitchen ideas 38 228

The color scheme will depend on the chosen interior style, compatibility with the rest of the furniture, the level of natural light and the size of the kitchen.

kitchen ideas 37 229

kitchen ideas 36 230

kitchen ideas 35 231

5.Chairs for the kitchen

The range of kitchen chairs on the modern furniture market is very large and is distinguished by a variety of models. First of all, these are several main types: a traditional dining chair, a kitchen stool, a chair-chair, a bar stool. There are several basic requirements for the quality of chairs for the kitchen – these are strength, safety, practicality, convenience, beautiful appearance.

kitchen ideas 34 232

kitchen ideas 33 233

kitchen ideas 32 234

In addition to the traditional classic models, there are a huge number of interesting and unusual varieties. For example, eco-friendly natural rattan chairs are very popular.

kitchen ideas 31 235

kitchen ideas 30 236

kitchen ideas 28 237

You can choose original lightweight plastic models that are easy to use and maintain. A sophisticated and chic choice – chairs with fabric, velvet upholstery in the color matching the style of the kitchen.

kitchen ideas 27 238

kitchen ideas 23 239

kitchen ideas 22 240

Numerous wooden models in natural color or painted in different colors do not lose their relevance.

kitchen ideas 21 241

kitchen ideas 20 242

kitchen ideas 18 243

6.Furniture wall for the kitchen

Kitchen furniture is not only a set of cabinets, open and closed shelves combined into one working area. Beautiful and self-sufficient pieces of furniture are exquisite classic and newfangled sideboards and sideboards with open and closed, as well as combined cabinets. Such kitchen furniture walls are used to store festive dishes, food supplies, serving items.

kitchen ideas 26 244

kitchen ideas 25 245

kitchen ideas 24 246

kitchen ideas 19 247

A sideboard or sideboard can be complemented by kitchen floor or hanging cabinets: narrow and high closed cabinets for kitchen utensils. It is important to note that all these pieces of furniture perfectly cope with stylistic functions and become bright and original elements of the interior.

kitchen ideas 17 248

kitchen ideas 16 249

kitchen ideas 15 250

kitchen ideas 14 251


With the help of high-quality and modern finishes, design recommendations and techniques, the embodiment of the chosen interior style, you will find not just a modern kitchen, but create a unique, special, sincere and cozy atmosphere. And high-quality and stylish furniture for the kitchen will be the basis of this magnificent kitchen project.

kitchen ideas 12 252

kitchen ideas 11 253


kitchen ideas 9 254

kitchen ideas 8 255

kitchen ideas 7 256

kitchen ideas 6 257

kitchen ideas 5 258

kitchen ideas 4 259

kitchen ideas 3 260

kitchen ideas 2 261

kitchen ideas 1 262

kitchen ideas 13 263

19+ Fashionable Wedding Dresses

wedding dress 3 264

Although the wedding image is often based on the classics, even here the changing fashion makes its own adjustments. This year, traditional A-silhouette dresses coexist with deliberately revealing outfits, similar to night shirts. Special attention is paid to details: lush sleeves or fabulous plumes.

wedding dress 9 265

10 trends to consider when choosing a fashionable wedding dress

All these and many other trends in wedding fashion are collected in this article. Here you will find out which wedding dresses will be in fashion in the summer season. See photos and choose the actual image to look like the most fashionable bride!

wedding dress 7 266

Wedding dresses with long puffy sleeves

The lush sleeve is an interesting highlight of the wedding image. Sleeves are sewn from translucent or dense material, give a touch of romance and tenderness. Wedding dresses with sleeves are a good idea for cool times and for girls who do not want to open their arms and shoulders. Although some models, for example, from Anastasia Zadorina, sleeves are more of an accessory than a full-fledged element of the dress.

wedding dress 25 267

wedding dress 30 268

Dresses with removable train

Fashionable bride’s dress, complemented by a removable train, spectacular and at the same time practical. It is not always convenient to move around and carry a dense piece of fabric behind your back. It is enough to pose beautifully, and then remove this accessory and enjoy the freedom of movement.

wedding dress 1 269

The train of wedding dresses may look like a single whole with the base, as in the image from Suzanne Neville, or differ in material and texture. The advantage of such models is that it is a 2-in-1, dress-trasformer. The dress with and without a train looks different, as if the bride has changed clothes. For lovers of diversity, it’s a must have.

wedding dress 24 270

wedding dress 33 271

Voluminous floral appliques on the dress

Fashionable wedding dresses  should be decorated with flowers. So say eminent designers, including Suzanne Neville and Jenny Packham. The variety of décor here is huge. Flowers are full of either on the skirt or on the body. From such a contrast, the image only benefits, the dress looks interesting.

wedding dress 23 272

wedding dress 29 273

The flower trend  reminds of an important participant in the wedding ceremony – the bride’s bouquet. Interestingly, many designers have dresses and jewelry of the same shade. The décor does not scream here, does not catch the eye, but gently complements the image.

wedding dress 28 274

wedding dress 12 275

Wedding dresses with transparent corsets

A snow-white wedding dress is a symbol of the bride’s innocence, and modern models bring a touch of piquancy to this traditional image. The translucent top makes the image seductive, but observes decency. The chest is covered with lace and décor, and everything else is open to the eye.

wedding dress 5 276

wedding dress 11 277

The image from Daalarna Couture is interesting with a vertical cut running from the neck to the waist, and also a stylish combination of a monochromatic satin bottom and a lace top. The same idea is used by Galia Lahav, placing decorative flowers on the bodice and sleeves of a completely transparent top.

wedding dress 6 278

Wedding dress with shuttlecocks

Chic shuttlecocks are a great alternative to a huge train in the spring-summer  season. They add luxury and romance, become an important accent, decorating sleeves or skirt.

wedding dress 10 279

In the wedding dress from the collection from Galia Lahav, the flounces differ in material and texture from the base. The silhouette resembles the fins on the tail of a mermaid, and the combination of shiny satin and lace pattern looks fabulous.

wedding dress 19 280

Lush shuttlecocks on the novelty from Oscar de la Renta pass throughout the vertical. It turns out a beautiful wedding dress with a contrast between a laconic top and a chic bottom. The model from Marchesa differs in that the emphasis here is not on the skirt, but on the sleeves. Thanks to the flounces, they resemble wings, and the shape repeats the bottom of the skirt.

wedding dress 14 281

Fashionable wedding dresses with pleated

Among the trends , pleating stands out. Wedding dress made of material to fold looks unusual. If it’s shiny fabric, silk or satin, the sun glare will color the outfit, attracting attention.

wedding dress 8 282
Danielle Frankel offers a closed dress in the spirit of pleated minimalism. A spacious outfit does not fit the figure, but envelops it, leaving only the hands open. In the photo below, the shoulders are red, and the long sleeves and dress are completely covered with a small fold.

Volumetric bows

wedding dress 17 283
Wedding summer  is rich in decor. These are not only huge flowers, but also lush bows. Designers including Marchesa and Oscar de la Renta place them at the back at the waist. In their performance, it is not just a cute décor, but the center of the whole image. The lush bottom, reinforced with a bow, creates an interesting contrast with the bared back.

wedding dress 20 284

Dresses with a flower in the neck

The floral trend of  is not limited to the scattering of decor on the skirt and head. One huge flower on the shoulder, near the neck, creates an interesting asymmetry and becomes a bright accent of the whole image.

wedding dress 13 285

A neat rose on the shoulder is the only interesting detail on a fairly simple outfit from Lela Rose. Vera Wong offers something more interesting. The entire sleeve is decorated in the form of a bouquet, and the shade, which can not be called snow-white, makes a variety in the usual colors of wedding dresses.

wedding dress 27 286

Wedding image in lingerie style

A seductive alternative to lush wedding dresses is tight-fitting models, resembling more night shirts. Short, long or midi, these dresses repeat every curve of the body and look spectacular.

wedding dress 2 287

Anastasia Zadorina complements the outfit with inserts of feathers and a cape resembling a silk peignioir. Together with a dress in the form of a night shirt, this is a worthy pair for an unusual wedding set.

wedding dress 4 288

The image from Vivienne Westwood is laconic, and closest resembles a nightgod. Waves of silk repeat every movement, tightly fit and emphasize the harmony of the figure.

wedding dress 32 289

Embroidery in the style of botanic

wedding dress 15 290
Perhaps the most beautiful trend of this year is the embroidery of plant decor. Branches, leaves and fruits are mysteriously intertwined on the skirt, sleeves and lymph. The dress from Marchesa is made of a material with such a pattern, and Temperley London leaves monochromatic fragments that dilute the embroidery.

wedding dress 16 291

wedding dress 26 292

Must have – classic wedding dress A-silhouette

A wedding classic that never gets old. Tight top and lush bottom, expanding downwards. The shoulders and arms are open, the corset is made in the shape of a heart, like Viktor & Rolf, or made in a straight line, like Suzanne Neville.

wedding dress 31 293

Variations of the A-silhouette can be listed endlessly. The swlint of the skirt, the neckline, additional decorative elements bring their own zest to each model. A common feature of all models of this style is the elegance of the image. The bride looks and feels like a real princess.

wedding dress 22 294

wedding dress 24 270

wedding dress 22 294

wedding dress 21 297

51+ Wedding Gowns That Are Unique

wedding dress 60 298

In search of “their” wedding dress, each bride goes to the wedding salon, where she is offered a huge range of chic dresses. Because of such an abundance of styles, the task is very complicated. Therefore, we decided to simplify it and prepared a review of wedding dresses with sleeves.

wedding dress 54 299

Fashionable wedding dresses with sleeves from the collections

wedding dress 52 300
New collections from eminent designers are full of beautiful models of wedding dresses with sleeves. This variation of the outfit is very popular. After all, it allows you to create a gentle and innocent image and at the same time preserve the intrigue. Also, the sleeves are very functional. They allow you to hide some imperfections, for example, skin defects, tattoos, etc.

wedding dress 49 301

wedding dress 53 302

wedding dress 50 303

wedding dress 35 304

In the new season, the designers have identified several models, namely:

Fashionable white dresses with sleeves in the style of rustic and boho
In the modern interpretation, such models have a delicate design. In such outfits it is very comfortable and cozy to be throughout the solemn day.

wedding dress 45 305

Such outfits do not have seasonality. In the winter months, wedding dresses with sleeves can be combined with a fur cape, half-coat or shawl. A luxurious collection of wedding dresses with long sleeves was presented by Alice Temprelli.

wedding dress 59 306

All models are light and airy. A variety of textures, styles are presented in the collection from Naeem Khan. There are an abundance of translucent expensive fabrics, flowing material.

wedding dress 44 307

wedding dress 41 308

Stylish white dresses with sleeves from Vera Wang

wedding dress 58 309
Luxurious and rich. Elegant straight dresses with long sleeves from Vera Wang were able to embody the fine line of sophistication and sexuality.

wedding dress 46 310

wedding dress 42 311

wedding dress 10 1 312

Wedding dresses A-silhouette with sleeve

wedding dress 57 313
For several years they have not left the fashion Olympus. These are very feminine models that make the image gentle and fragile. Translucent inserts, lace in combination with long skirts look simply luxurious.

wedding dress 38 314

In the collection of Ines Di Santo you could see a more daring version that would attract a brave and confident bride. The floor-length dress has a spicy cut around the thigh and a very deep neckline, but in combination with the A-silhouette, it all looks pretty cute.

wedding dress 32 1 315


Dress with open shoulders and sleeves

wedding dress 33 1 316
Such styles are perfectly combined with draperies, embroidery. Successful options were demonstrated by the British brand Marchesa. Models made of smooth material without unnecessary elements look very stylish, as for example in the photo of the fashionable image of the bride in a wedding dress with sleeves from Siriano. American fashion house Lela Rose has released a collection of wedding dresses with sleeves in a classic manner, but with modern notes. They are characterized by refinement and elegance, perfectly emphasize the fragile shoulders, focus on an elegant waist.

Lace wedding dresses

wedding dress 55 317
They have always been and remain a symbol of tenderness, grace and luxury. In combination with an elegant style, they are able to create a stunning image that will look refined under any circumstances.

wedding dress 51 318

It is for this reason that the designers of the fashion house Monique Lhuillier choose lace to create their fashion collections. Designer Ellie Saab also loves to experiment with this material, creating feminine and beautiful wedding dresses with long sleeves, complemented by bold lines, cuts, deep necklines.

wedding dress 48 319

wedding dress 43 320

Short models of wedding dresses with sleeves

wedding dress 20 1 321
These dresses are comfortable and very practical. They are no less interesting, beautiful and luxurious. Classic silhouettes in conjunction with soft lines give rise to feminine models. A vivid example of how stylish and elegant can look midi and short wedding dresses, showed the iconic English designer Jenny Packham.

wedding dress 47 322

Laconic styles of bride’s dresses with sleeves

wedding dress 40 323
They’ll probably never go out of style. After all, they embody not flashy luxury, but maximum elegance. In his outfits, Lela Rose adheres to conciseness. Here you will see impeccably smooth and simple silhouettes. Although they are not lush, they still attract the eyes of others and cause genuine admiration.

wedding dress 39 324

Closed dresses with sleeves

wedding dress 37 325
This is a delicate and restrained version of the wedding dress. Behind the simple cut hides refinement and refinement. Openwork sleeves, rhinestones, stones give the wedding dress a special chic and charm.

wedding dress 34 326

Fitted silhouette successfully emphasizes the figure. Closed wedding dress with sleeves from such eminent designers as Jenny Packham, Oleg Cassini, Idan Cohen, Mira Zwillinger became an example of how different, but at the same time chic they can look.

wedding dress 25 1 327

wedding dress 7 1 328

wedding dress 12 1 329

wedding dress 5 1 330

Styles with short sleeves

wedding dress 31 1 331

wedding dress 28 1 332
A great option for spring and summer. The sleeve itself can have any kind. It can fit the hands, be a little free, translucent. Exclusive dresses with short sleeves are offered by Jenny Packham. They are devoid of hard corsets and lush skirts. Everything is quite elegant and modest. Suitable for romantic, dreamy natures.

wedding dress 26 1 333

Variant with mermaid silhouette

wedding dress 36 334
The mermaid style is suitable for girls who want to emphasize their hips and waist. Lace sleeves will be a great addition to this style. Gentle image at the week of wedding fashion offered brand Sachin Babi. The dress of the fish in the designer version is decorated with embroidery, which is very harmoniously combined with the naked shoulders.

wedding dress 30 1 335

Lush closed wedding dresses

wedding dress 23 1 336

wedding dress 22 1 337
These classic models are liked by many girls. After all, they look gorgeous. Lush dresses can be complemented by drapery, shuttlecocks and bows. The sleeves can be traditional or as in the photo of beautiful wedding dresses with sleeves from Reem Acra.

wedding dress 18 1 338

wedding dress 17 1 339

Model of wedding dress with sleeves in Greek style

wedding dress 14 1 340
The silhouette will emphasize the advantageously. At the same time, the Greek dress does not restrict movement and is very comfortable to wear. It looks very gentle and even weightless. An impeccable option for a celebration that will be held in the warmer months. Flying sleeves will become an additional decor and decorate the outfit. There are options for full, they will emphasize beautiful shapes and successfully mask the shortcomings of the figure.

wedding dress 24 1 341

Wedding dresses with puffy sleeves

wedding dress 56 342

wedding dress 8 1 343
This season, they are mega popular. And the length of the sleeves can be different. Especially interesting is the sleeve of three quarters of transparent fabric. An interesting selection of outfits with a sleeve 3/4 was presented by the fashion house Mira Zwillinger. In addition to interesting sleeves with a quarter, the eye catches the expensive finish, the décor of Italian beads, shimmering rhinestones.


wedding dress 61 344
In addition to traditional white dresses, designers offer to dress on an important day of their lives in a wedding suit. Moreover, there are models that are in no way inferior in their beauty and sophistication to fashionable wedding dresses. They are decorated with large flowers, wide belts tied in a bow.

wedding dress 29 1 345

Dress with train

wedding dress 2 1 346
Always looks advantageous in the photos, allows you to effectively walk to the wedding venue. The train can be long or short, it all depends on individual preferences. The dress itself can be satin, lace and other spectacular materials.

wedding dress 11 1 347

Photos of chic wedding dresses from fashionable couturiers

wedding dress 4 1 348

wedding dress 3 1 349
Wedding dress with lace sleeves, embroidery, appliques, seductive cutouts, and maybe even overalls … What do you choose? A wide variety of styles of wedding dresses, a huge selection of materials, décor, styles. Modern brides have a lot to choose from. It can be elegant and modest options or more provocative, sexy dresses with an open back, bodices-illusions.

wedding dress 27 1 350

wedding dress 16 1 351

wedding dress 9 1 352

25+ Unique Wedding Rings

wedding ring 40 353

Content :

1. Model
1.1 In the form of a crown
1.2 Double
1.3 Triple
1.4 Engraved
1.5 With fingerprints
1.6 With stones
1.7 Chains of Love
1.8 Relief
2. How to choose the right rings?

wedding ring 50 354

Marriage is a serious and responsible step for every couple. And choosing exclusive wedding rings is a particularly important process. The fashion trend of wedding jewelry changes every year, and the desire to wear exclusive embellishments, which no one has, always remains.

wedding ring 42 355

Exclusive and original wedding rings are the key to long marriage ties. I want this symbol of marriage ties to be a special and original object. In jewelry stores bring a lot of the same type and uninteresting solutions. How to choose rings of exclusive design?

wedding ring 44 356

They say that in order to have a strong marriage, you need to take paired rings. Pairs mean the same in appearance, but different in size. For a man more, for a woman less. When searching for these jewelry products, first, you need to decide on the model.

wedding ring 41 357

1. Model

wedding ring 2 358
1.1 In the form of a crown

This wedding accessory solution came to us from Ireland. The crown is a symbol that confirms the strong, devoted love of two people. When choosing such embellishments, you will become an original married couple and will be like a real king and queen.

wedding ring 1 359


The choice of silver items will emphasize the refined taste of the newlyweds. The silver ring will visually extend the hand of the young bride, show her romantic nature.

wedding ring 10 360

Gold or platinum will talk about the prosperity and status of the pair. Due to the quality of these materials, the rings will last a long time and preserve the external beauty for many years.

wedding ring 9 361


When choosing such things, young girls should look at a thin crown decorated with precious stones: diamonds, emeralds or sapphires.

wedding ring 8 362

For an older bride, a wider crown is suitable, but in a calm design.

wedding ring 43 363

Thin rings-crowns fascinate with a flawless look. For their décor, emeralds are more often used.

wedding ring 7 364


In the male version of the ring should not be a lot of jewelry. This model symbolizes stateliness and independence. On the crowns, you should choose large-scale peaks. The ideal solution looks where the image is as close as possible to the real symbol of power.

1.2 Double

wedding ring 14 365
The duo can be chosen both from gold of the same color and from an alloy of different metals. Classic yellow looks interesting with white or red metal. Double rings are made either intertwined or smooth and soldered together. There are also forms fastened to each other by a small chain.

wedding ring 15 366

There are double rings separate from each other. They can be worn on different fingers or one at a time.

wedding ring 13 367

wedding ring 12 368

wedding ring 11 369

1.3 Triple

There are types of jewelry fused with each other. It turns out one wide ring with two intervals. A spectacular solution in this case is white gold or platinum. The décor of such goods are large diamonds or diamonds. Such a decision is recommended to be done by mature couples.

wedding ring 16 370

1.4 Engraved

Recently, newlyweds love to knock out engravings on the rings. There can be many options. For application, young people most often decide to write the name of the spouse on the inside of the object.

wedding ring 18 371

wedding ring 17 372

wedding ring 19 373

If you want a phrase, it should be a motto for the subsequent family life. The most common option: the beginning of the sentence is written on one subject, and the continuation on another. For phrases choose any language: Russian, English or Latin. The more mysterious, the more interesting. They also choose Chinese characters, the date of acquaintance, the initials of the spouses or just the image of the heart.

wedding ring 22 374

It is more convenient to write on the inside. This will allow it to last longer. It is desirable that the phrase should be no longer than twenty characters. The width of the letters depends on the size of the item and therefore is selected individually.

wedding ring 21 375

The engraving on the marriage symbol is a very individual thing. It is of great importance for newlyweds. Each engraved ring is exclusive.

wedding ring 20 376

1.5 With fingerprints

The drawing can be applied both from the outside and from the inside. From the outside it will be visible to everyone, but the image inside will be a mystery to the young. Rings in which the pattern is hidden are decorated with diamonds, emeralds or other jewelry.

wedding ring 23 377

For couples who have a large budget, yellow gold or platinum is perfect. Also elegant will look alloy of pink and white metal.

wedding ring 24 378

The technique of making such a pattern obliges the use of several forms. Thanks to this, the imprint retains its individual lines. No additional engraving is required. First, the objects are made of wax, in order to beautifully distribute the imprint. Only then from the wax form the headset is cast in gold, platinum or silver.

wedding ring 25 379

wedding ring 27 380

wedding ring 26 381

1.6 With stones

Gold has always been considered a material for decoration. Diamonds symbolize strong love and therefore they are used to decorate goods. A scattering of small stones will elegantly decorate both women’s and men’s hands.

wedding ring 28 382

wedding ring 29 383 wedding ring 30 384

Not all spouses can agree to a set with stones. On this occasion, a woman should not be upset, since the ring of the groom can be smooth, and the bride – with stones.

wedding ring 31 385

Products with jewelry require careful care, because they are fragile. For example, sapphire can crack from an accidental impact on the wall. This is not a reason to abandon it, you just need to be especially careful. Not only with this stone, but also with any others.

wedding ring 32 386

wedding ring 33 387

So that they do not become cloudy, you need to clean in time. An experienced master can do this correctly. At home, you can also clean the stones, but for this in the store you need to purchase a special product for caring for them.

wedding ring 34 388

wedding ring 35 389

1.7 Chains of Love

The chain speaks of a strong, inseparable union between a man and a woman. The links of the chain of yellow or white gold are neatly connected to each other. In this form there are small precious stones. This will be the original sign of the marriage bond.

wedding ring 36 390

1.8 Relief

For connoisseurs of native culture, options decorated with Slavic ligature are offered. Such rings are quite wide and ideal for both men and women. Paired rings of this design will make the wedding unusual.

wedding ring 37 391

wedding ring 38 392

You can always find jewelers who are famous for their works and ideas to create rings of exclusive design just for you. The most popular craftsmen, working with all known metals, founded their brands.

wedding ring 39 393

2. How to choose the right rings?

From the outside, it seems that there is nothing difficult when choosing these embellishments. I went to the store and bought it. But there are some rules that need to be followed in order not to make a mistake with the purchase:

wedding ring 46 394

The main thing to remember is that this ring is not a holiday or a weekend. It will have to be worn constantly and for more than a dozen years. Take the choice with the utmost seriousness.

wedding ring 47 395
What to do in order not to get lost in the variety of metals from which jewelry is made? At home to sit with the future spouse, to view the options that you like. Decide which metal or alloy attracts you the most.

wedding ring 45 396

Most often, couples are faced with the problem that a girl wants a ring with pebbles, and a man without them. This problem is easily solved. Items can be chosen from one metal, but the woman is decorated, and the man is the classic version. They will look no less beautiful and harmonize with each other.
Decide whether there will be engravings, prints or any other additional “highlights” on the embellishments.

wedding ring 49 397
Decide where you will buy: in the store or under the order of a private master.

wedding ring 5 398

It is better to go to the fitting in the late afternoon. By the end of the day, your hands swell a little and you will be able to choose the right size for you. On the day of purchase, you should postpone physical activity, sports and do not consume large amounts of fluids. All these factors affect the shape of the finger, and purchased headsets risk being the wrong size on the day of the wedding.
If you and your spouse can not make a choice, then take the classics. Such rings will never go out of fashion and look beautiful on the hand.

wedding ring 48 399

Remember, this is a decoration for life. Approach the matter responsibly. Make this purchase in a good mood, discard all bad thoughts. And then your unusual wedding rings will bring joy and happiness. Have a beautiful wedding!

wedding ring 4 400

wedding ring 3 401

15+ Best Prom Dresses 2022

Graduation is an exciting event that will be remembered for a lifetime. Indeed, on this day, many say goodbye to childhood and enter adulthood.

Pink Organic Fashion Trends


prom dress 11 402

Every girl dreams on this day of the most beautiful dress of 2019 “from which you can’t take your eyes off.” The selection criteria have remained unchanged for many years. The dress should be beautiful, fashionable, stylish and at the same time very comfortable. After all, graduation is not only an official part, but also unrestrained dancing until the morning.

prom dress 2 403

Choosing an outfit, you do not need to lean only towards evening fashion. After all, it is still designed for different ages. Graduation fashion, it is a little different and it is designed specifically for young girls.

prom dress 28 404

So, let’s take a closer look at the fashion trends of 2019. A review about prom dresses 2020 has also already been published .

prom dress 6 405


2019 trends ;
Fashion models for grades 9 and 11 ;
Fashion colors .
Prom Dresses: Fashion Trends 2019
Fashion trends this season are quite interesting. They include various styles, fabrics, finishes, textures.

Trend 1 – Sheer Fabrics, Delicate Shades And Floral Embroidery

prom dress 3 406

If you look at the catwalks, you can see that the overwhelming majority were very light, flying, translucent fabrics through which the skin was visible. It is something so tender and soft like a veil. Of course, this fashion trend deserves attention, but will such dresses be appropriate for prom? This is a very controversial issue. Of course, you can find interesting models, for example, such designers as Badgley Mischka and Marchesa, which will not look vulgar or vulgar, well stitched, tailored, but as a rule, such prom dresses are very expensive.

Trend 2 – Lace

prom dress 4 407

Well, what could be more tender than lace? Dresses made from this material always look good. Emphasize the tenderness, fragility of young beauties. Lace fabrics go well with various decor.

Trend 3 – Tulle Dresses

prom dress 5 408

Beautiful models of fashionable prom dresses are presented in the Alexander Mcqueen collection. Bright, catchy, they immediately catch the eye. Audacity, combined with tenderness, form a colorful image that will be appropriate for a special occasion.

Trend 4 – Fringe

prom dress 7 409

Fringe is very popular this season. Therefore, fashion designers could not leave this detail unattended and included it in fashionable images. Azzaro Haute showed how stylish and yet unpretentious a long fringe can look on a prom dress.

Trend 5 – Metallic

prom dress 8 410

Considering the fashion trends and novelties of this season, we can conclude that the metallic has not yet lost its relevance. That is why designers offer to put on metallic evening dresses . The style can be any. It can be short or long models. A good option was shown by Badgley Mischka. The model has no extra parts. In appearance, the evening dress is quite simple, but there is a certain magnetism in it that attracts the eye, I want to consider it in detail. The metallic sheen looks mysterious and enigmatic.

Trend 6 – Sequins

prom dress 9 411


Another of the main hits in 2019 is, of course, sequins and glitter. This version of prom dresses 2019 fits best if the prom is themed, for example, in disco style. Of course, there are styles of prom dresses that are decorated with sequins, but there are not so many of them, and they are a kind of highlight in the image. Bright and stylish models were shown by designers of such eminent houses as Blumarine, Dundas, Galia Lahav.

prom dress 12 412

Trend 7 – Large Bows And Feathers

prom dress 13 413

If we talk about some features of the fashion season, then these are, of course, feathers and large bows. Stylish prom dresses decorated with feathers look very unusual, but pretty. Not every girl will be able to feel comfortable in such an outfit. Therefore, such a choice of products should correspond to internal impulses, the soul should “lie” in this direction.

prom dress 16 414

Trend 8 – Double Skirts

prom dress 17 415

New prom dresses are interesting because they have double skirts. They look decent and allow you to correctly emphasize the figure. Moreover, skirts can be sewn from different fabrics and have contrasting shades.

Trend 9 – Short Balloon Dress

prom dress 14 416

Graduates can take a closer look at short balloon dresses. These are real lifesaver sticks that will emphasize slender legs and hide a small tummy and wide hips. For thin girls, this version of an evening dress for graduation will add the necessary forms. The balloon dress can be off-the-shoulder, as shown in the photo, or have straps and short sleeves.

prom dress 15 417

Fashion Models Of Prom Dresses

The lineup of prom dresses 2019 is diverse. When choosing one or another model, you also need to build on age. If older girls can dress in a more daring version of the product, then ninth graders should prefer more modest dresses for graduation 2019.

prom dress 10 418

Dresses For Graduation 9th Grade

Graduation dresses 9th grade can be free, fitted silhouette. Have decorative trim in the form of fringes, bows, sequins, rhinestones.

  • Glossy short dresses for 9th grade at graduation will look organic. They look interesting and textured.

prom dress 18 419

  • Asymmetric models do not go out of fashion.

prom dress 19 420

  • Girls dressed as babydolls will look glamorous and cute at the same time. Dresses for grade 9 can be of any color, ranging from soft marshmallows to bright colors.

prom dress 20 421

  • Dresses for grade 9 can be off the shoulder.

prom dress 35 422

  • Incredibly popular models with a choker.

prom dress 42 423

  • Another fashionable option for grade 9 is a top and skirt.

prom dress 21 424

  • Styles for grade 9 may include flounces, belts tied to a large bow.

prom dress 33 425

  • Do not lose sight of the multi-tiered options. Properly selected model will help to adjust the figure and make it more feminine. Plus, they look great in photos.

prom dress 34 426

Dresses For Graduation 11th Grade

Graduates from grade 11 can afford more “adult” models.

prom dress 37 427

  • The highlight of the whole image will be given by long prom dresses with a slit on the thigh. In this case, the incision should not be vulgar. Nevertheless, this is an official event, which will be attended by parents and teachers. At the same time, the upper part of the outfit should be concise and calm. This cut looks great on any color.

prom dress 32 428

  • Short prom dresses can have a sheath style. This option is elegant, suitable for almost any type of figure.

prom dress 31 429

  • Dresses with an American armhole. Open, fragile girlish shoulders create a feeling of lightness, sophistication. It should be understood that most often the American armhole is accompanied by an open back. Therefore, such styles of prom dresses are more suitable for girls with perfect skin.

prom dress 29 430

  • Another bold option is fashionable prom dresses with a deep neckline. But this option is far from suitable for everyone, especially girls with large breasts. It’s not even a matter of vulgarity or misunderstanding of others. Large breasts need extra support, but here it simply will not be.

prom dress 22 431

  • Fashionable bandeau prom dresses will be a great option for prom. They look elegant and sophisticated.

prom dress 27 432

  • When choosing a prom dress for grade 11, you can resort to a fashion trend that involves the presence of various frills and frills, but everything should be dosed so that the image does not resemble a layer cake.

prom dress 25 433

  • Beautiful prom dresses for grade 11 can be in contrasting colors. At couture shows, a lot of combinations of black and white were presented. This combination always looks impressive and beautiful.

prom dress 26 434

  • Fashion trends suggest actively using belts in an outfit. It can be a belt completely in color or a contrasting shade, a belt made of a different material than the dress itself. The belt will be able to emphasize the waist, create the right proportions, or visually make them where they do not exist.

prom dress 30 435

  • Tea-length evening dresses with a corset can also be attributed to the novelty of this season. Corset details are incredibly popular. They visually emphasize the waist, making it elegant. It will look chic in contrast with a fluffy skirt.

prom dress 23 436

  • Pastel looks great in 2019 prom dresses. These can be midi dresses, floor-length dresses, mini dresses, etc. Pastel colors always add a feminine touch to an outfit and are great to work with. You can choose pastel for yourself: it can be muted pink, blue, lilac, turquoise.

prom dress 24 437

  • Rich colors: cobalt, red, blue, green, emerald, etc. They declare themselves with their brightness, juiciness.

prom dress 41 438

prom dress 40 439

prom dress 38 440

Fashion for prom dresses 2019 came from the catwalks. So feel free to take ideas and experiment. Add decor if you feel like your outfit is too simple for the event. After reviewing the new products, you will definitely choose a worthwhile option for yourself, which will be acceptable both in terms of beauty and money. Also don’t forget about a beautiful prom hairstyle that will complete the look.

prom dress 39 441

19+ Fashion skirts : The Latest Trends For Spring And Summer

fall skirts 2 442

These days, it’s hard to imagine a women’s wardrobe without a skirt. Even lovers of trousers will like skirts from the fashion collection spring – summer. This season, both classic styles and extravagant minis are relevant. In a variety of shapes and fabrics, every fashionista will be able to choose a unique image for herself. We have studied the collections of top designers to tell you about the main trends in the fashion world.

fall skirts 20 443

Actual lengths: midi and mini

Classic midi skirts of straight cut remain in fashion. The Prada collection presents a satin classic straight-cut skirt, which is very effectively combined with the original turtleneck and gray sweater. Such an image will be appropriate, both in the office, as well as at a social event. In the Spring season, midi skirts made of various fabrics will be relevant: satin, leather, jeans, delicate chiffon, translucent mesh.

fall skirts 19 444

In the collections of Alberta Feretti and Iceberg are presented in spring romantic skirts-mini straight cut. These models are not only elegant, but also emphasize the beauty of long legs. In the trend as monochromatic pastel colors, and floral prints. Mini-skirt is appropriate with classic jackets, cardigans, and oversize sweaters. For lovers of free style, a combination of a short skirt with a T-shirt and sneakers is suitable.

fall skirts 18 445

fall skirts 4 446

Trend No. 1 – Knitted suits with midi skirts

In spring and cool summer, everyday midi skirts made of soft and delicate knitwear, which fit snugly to the body, will be relevant. They will advantageously emphasize the figure of their owners. In combination with tops and jackets – this is a win-win and at the same time comfortable image, emphasizing elegance and style. Altuzarra convinces us of this. In a wide variety of colors, designers recommend to stop at the cage and monochromatic pastel colors. Deep cutouts this season are one of the trends that give a special piquancy to skirts of strict cut.

fall skirts 17 447

fall skirts 3 448

Trend No. 2 – Summer skirts made of flowing fabrics

Flowing and incredibly feminine skirts of monochromatic colors will perfectly fit into both everyday and evening image. In spring fashion there are draperies, ruffles, flounces, as well as asymmetric cut, which will give mystery to the image of any socialite. Interesting combinations with light blouses and spectacular belts that emphasize harmony are presented in the collections of Altuzarra and Chloe.

fall skirts 16 449

Trend No.3 – Midi length pencil skirts

Trends change, but one thing does not change from season to season: a pencil skirt. Because it’s a versatile and timeless style. You can create either a relaxed silhouette or an exquisite tight look. They are suitable for any figure, lengthen the legs and emphasize the shape. A modern woman can choose from a huge number of different materials. The hit of this season is skirts made of jeans and leather/eco-leather. Shirts and sweaters are stylishly combined with leather skirts.

fall skirts 15 450

Trend No. 4 – Denim skirts

Thanks to trendsetters and fashionistas, we again see denim skirts on the catwalks. Denim skirt is one of the items of fashionable clothing, which can be combined with many beautiful outfits. In the collections of famous designers: absolutely stunning mini, with a low waist, fitted, flared, midi, dark and light, tight and free, torn, buttoned in front, etc.

fall skirts 14 451

Trend No. 5 – Knitted skirts

Over the past year, knitted clothing has become one of the most popular trends. Many designers presented us with collections of knitted products. The range is wide and goes beyond the standard jumper for any season. Knitted sets of skirts and sweaters, which we loved so much last winter, have become lighter and brighter, are well suited for warm spring days and will give an optimistic mood.

fall skirts 13 452

fall skirts 1 453

Trend No. 6 – Skirt in small pleated

The beauty of a simple pleated skirt is that it is one of those rare silhouettes that remains trending season after season. Smooth vertical folds are universal. Depending on where you’re going, pleated skirts go well with both a simple T-shirt for everyday outing and leather to create a chic and elegant look for an evening event.

fall skirts 12 454

Trend No. 7 – Skirt in sports style

Skirts in the style of sport-chic are actively included in our wardrobe. They were created specifically to lead an active lifestyle. This bow will be appropriate not only for a walk, but also in everyday life. Lacing and pockets are often used in sports skirts. Young girls take pride of place for sports skirts in their wardrobe. They are suitable for creating an image in casual style and in everyday style.

fall skirts 11 455

Trend No. 8 – Leather skirts of different lengths

Leather skirt can be picked up for any occasion. They come in different styles, lengths, colors and textures. For work, you can choose a leather midi skirt of neutral color in combination with a chic sweater and boots. Leather mini is suitable not only for a night walk around the city. Add a classic white shirt and leather vest to it, and you are ready for a business meeting. And in combination with a jumper, it is also suitable for informal meetings in a bar or a house party.

fall skirts 10 456

Trend No. 9 – Silk and satin skirts

Satin skirt does not go out of fashion for several years. We’ve seen her countless times on favorite bloggers and celebrities. The most popular option for a satin skirt is midi, they are presented in a variety of colors such as green, yellow, red, pink, purple and even neon. Satin midi skirt is suitable for most body types, creating the perfect summer mood.

fall skirts 9 457

Trend No. 10 – Skirts with summer prints

The weather is getting warmer, which means it’s time to finally take off your pants and get your favorite spring skirts. Floral prints are back in fashion. This cute feminine skirt is perfect for any style, they are incredibly comfortable and will make you feel confident. The summer print goes well with bright sweaters and tops, as well as lighter and more casual bases such as stylish shirts.

fall skirts 8 458

Trend No.11 – Tweed skirts

Tweed is one of the quality, popular materials for creating a strict image. Designers use this material from year to year in their unique collections. In the spring , tweed skirts are especially relevant, because they combine both style and elegance, and also warm fashionistas due to the density of the fabric. The Ralph & Russo collection shows a perfect combination of a tweed miniskirt, a classic top and a medium-length jacket.


fall skirts 7 459

fall skirts 6 460

fall skirts 5 461

35+ Spring Fashion For Women: Inspirations, Trends, And Elegant Looks

Spring Fashion  will delight us with its bright colors and extraordinary print. Spring will remind us of the fashionable things of the past, as well as offer unexpected novelties that can amaze you, and some alienate. Stylists and designers of fashion houses roamed in full at fashion shows in Milan, Paris, London and New York, after which we decided to create a similar article and tell you about the latest fashion trends for the spring .

women fahsion for spring 37 462


1 Main trends
1.1 Blazers
1.2 Trench
1.3 Ultrashort
2 Fashionable style
2.1 Denim
2.2 Fuchsia
2.3 Black and white square
3 Stylish design
3.1 Fringe
3.2 Lace
3.3 Lacing
4 Interesting images
4.1 Leather total bow
4.2 Sequins
4.3 Predatory overalls

women fahsion for spring 34 463

Main trends


Jackets and blazers will become mega-popular again in the spring. The total length and length of the sleeves can be any, just like the colors. Milanese models presented blazers and jackets in a classic style, in acid, black, beige and classic colors.

women fahsion for spring 28 464

women fahsion for spring 52 465

women fahsion for spring 59 466

women fahsion for spring 73 467

Trench coat

The trench coat is the absolute squeak of spring  fashion. The raincoat belongs to the military style and with it you can create various beautiful and stylish looks. Paris Fashion Week presented trench coats in soft beige, sand and cream shades. All models were supplemented with a belt to match the raincoat or a little lighter or darker than it.

women fahsion for spring 15 468

women fahsion for spring 80 469

women fahsion for spring 79 470

The trench coat can be chosen in any length: short, midi or long. But nevertheless, stylists recommend paying attention to long models, since they visually stretch the figure and it is easier to pick up accompanying things for them.

women fahsion for spring 78 471

women fahsion for spring 71 472

women fahsion for spring 46 473


Anything very short will be trendy and popular in the spring . It can be skirts, shorts or dresses that earlier you could only wear to the club, but now, such an image is permissible for every day.

women fahsion for spring 31 474

women fahsion for spring 29 475

women fahsion for spring 8 476

women fahsion for spring 6 477

women fahsion for spring 2 478

women fahsion for spring 4 479

Fashionable style


Denim fashion returns from the past and we are talking not only about the world classics – jeans, but about a full-fledged denim look. In the spring , you can completely don blue jeans, which will make you a stylish lady who knows a lot about the selection of clothes.

women fahsion for spring 10 480


women fahsion for spring 68 481

women fahsion for spring 81 482

women fahsion for spring 54 483

women fahsion for spring 17 484


Bright and rich fuchsia color, as if enlivens everything around. Thanks to this color, you can easily create a beautiful and bright image that is suitable for any event, for work hours, as well as for everyday life.

women fahsion for spring 84 485

women fahsion for spring 69 486

women fahsion for spring 60 487

women fahsion for spring 55 488

Black and white cage

A classic of the genre – a black and white cell will conquer the spring. All the fashion houses have presented a stunning collection of clothes in black and white plaid. Such a print will be fashionable on completely different clothes: dresses, trousers, outerwear, sweaters, shorts, sweaters and much more.

women fahsion for spring 26 489

women fahsion for spring 25 490

women fahsion for spring 16 491

Skirts in black and white cage have always been especially popular, with which you could create different bows without fear of ruining the image.

women fahsion for spring 43 492

women fahsion for spring 48 493

women fahsion for spring 49 494

Stylish design


Fringe went out of fashion for a very long time, but as we know, the fashion of past years sooner or later returns to us. And so it happened in the spring . With the help of a fringe, you can decorate any part of the garment or all of it. Fringe dresses are especially original and attractive. Thanks to her, you can hide various problems with the figure, make the image more interesting and varied.

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women fahsion for spring 40 498

women fahsion for spring 39 499

women fahsion for spring 36 500


Delicate lace can be a very sexy decor that transforms a nondescript dress into a work of art. Pretty revealing options for lace outfits were presented by models at fashion shows in London. Underwear is clearly visible through the lace of dresses or blouses.

women fahsion for spring 7 501

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women fahsion for spring 12 503

But if such an image is suitable for the catwalk, then for everyday wear it is worth under the lace clothes, pry on the concealing layer of the lining, which will help you create a beautiful, not vulgar bow.

women fahsion for spring 13 504

women fahsion for spring 47 505

women fahsion for spring 65 506


Sweet and sometimes rough lacing will be considered one of the most relevant and stylish decors in clothes for the spring . Lacing can be located on the sleeves, chest, sides, as well as in any other part of the garment.

women fahsion for spring 74 507

women fahsion for spring 48 493

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Interesting images

Leather total bow

Fully tightening your body in leather clothing will be a very popular trend in the spring. By the way, the skin itself can be of any color: from classic black to snow-white.

women fahsion for spring 83 511

women fahsion for spring 75 512

women fahsion for spring 61 513

women fahsion for spring 21 514

women fahsion for spring 11 515


Playful sequins will pamper you in spring . Stylists recommend paying attention to short and long dresses, unusual leggings in sequins and, of course, stylish jackets.

women fahsion for spring 77 516

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women fahsion for spring 53 518

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women fahsion for spring 24 522

Predatory jumpsuits

Spring is rich in risky and candid looks, as evidenced by the following selection of popular jumpsuits in predatory colors. These include tiger stripes, leopard spots, and snakeskin.

women fahsion for spring 66 523

women fahsion for spring 64 524

If snakeskin jumpsuits look quite frank, then other models are quite suitable for walking around the city. With such a color it is rather difficult to combine other clothes, but you can pick up almost any footwear. Shoes or sandals with heels will look especially beautiful with predatory overalls.

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Trendy Nail designs With Mirror Pigment

What only inventions do not surprise us designers, and their tricks concern wardrobe and manicure. Today, the mirror pigment returns to the trend.

Designed in this way, ladies’ nails look very exquisite, and for such a manicure will not require a high cost or any professional skills. A little gift – and your claws will be the envy of all charmers.

How to make a manicure with mirror polish?

To get a fashionable mirror manicure, such methods are used:

  • Directly the pigment itself, which can be easily found in specialty stores.
  • The foil applied to the nail plate is used by a technique called Flesh Nail Art.
  • Lucky, specially designed for such manicure manufacturers.
  • Self-adhesive film.
  • Metal plates. The same overhead nails.

Nail design with mirror effect

Not all of the above are easy to implement. Thus, working with foil will require a huge accuracy and perseverance, and the self-adhesive film will fly into a penny. And varnishes cannot provide an even mirror effect, and with overhead plates can cope only a professional master. But the pigment is applied and looks independently made design is no worse than a salon.

How to apply pigment?

Starting with the mirror pigment, you immediately note the ease of its application. However, first, the nail plate should be properly prepared. First, remove the old varnish, remove the outgrown cuticle, carefully cut the tips, and polish the nail surface.

Manicure with mirror effect

Nails with a mirror effect


Then begins the main stage: diligently apply the base, let it dry well, and then start using the main varnish. Choose any tone, but remember, the less pigment you apply, the more shade you choose as the main one. But to get the perfect mirror pigment, it is better to select the base of black color.

Further on top of the main varnish is superimposed mirror pigment, and it can be done with a brush, a small applicator, and even a finger. To make it better to grasp with varnish, rub it is recommended with point movements.

When the nail surface is wholly filled with pigment, the remaining amount is enough to swipe using a brush. It will only be left to cover the leg with a fixer and boldly go to a meeting with the astonished girlfriends.

If you do not like to do a manicure at home or you, for some reason, can not make yourself a quality mirror coating, then try to go to the salon and already visually see how the masters perform such a manicure.

Thus, you will be able to make a beautiful manicure and pedicure in the center of St. Petersburg and, on your example to learn the intricacies of the technique of applying mirror covering.

Nails with a mirror effect


A brief overview of the pigments for rubbing

Now almost every self-respecting brand producing gel-lacquer, there are pigments in the collection for rubbing. Consider a few popular options:

  • LIANAIL. This brand has a whole collection of WOW Pigments pigments, consisting of 24 beautiful shades: “chrome,” two-color with shimmer, shimmering, tricolor “maximum intensity.” All dyes are of good enough quality. Do not lose its luster after the overlapping top. For high-quality application in the collection, there is a unique transparent coating under the pigment.
  • EMI. The collection has various pigments: dense, translucent, with chameleon effect and neon. Chameleon pigments give a pronounced mirror effect.
  • El Corazon. The collection is represented by nine shades: gold, emerald, rich blue, pink, Bordeaux, bronze, platinum, mother-of-pearl. The pigment as a result of the application gives a light effect of mother-of-pearl.
  • MASURA. The pigment is sold in a set with a unique black base, convenient when creating a manicure. However, you do not need to expect from this rub a stunning mirror shine. After overlapping with the top, the “chrome” effect is created on the nails.
  • CANNI. Not a lousy wipe, which has a pronounced “Northern Lights” effect.