55 Best White Blond Wavy Hair Coloring Technique And Subsequent Care

55 Best White Blond Wavy Hair Color Ideas (57)

Blondes at all times were popular with the opposite sex. There is something in the blond hair that attracts their owners increased attention. The article will discuss how to choose a shade of blond, what coloring techniques are popular today, and the subsequent care of hair.

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Color features

If previously it was possible only to bleach hair with hydrogen peroxide, actually burning them, then today’s generation of lighters provides endless opportunities for coloring.

Blonde fashion trends change every season. A few years ago, there was a shade of strawberries, instantly gaining crazy popularity. Now the wine blond, vanilla, and figs-blond are gaining momentum.


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Coloring techniques also moved far ahead. Now the hair does not need to torment the lights of the last generation, and for those who want to try on a blond, but do not agree to total discoloration, there are a lot of ways of partial coloring – shatouch, ombre, somber, bronding and more.


Hight lights, color & blower
Hight lights, color & blower

Lightened hair needs special care because they are most strongly visible all the shortcomings – dryness, damage, lack of shine, split tips.

And if by nature you did not get strands of wheat color and want to have them, it is better to treat them, feed useful substances, and then go to the colorist. Before coloring, you need to consult with the master about the most suitable for your coloring technique. Perhaps he will advise stopping on partial coloring.

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After lightening, the hair can be toned in different colors

However, in the process of bleaching, it should be remembered that they are still affected by oxidizers, which harm their structure. No other dye – chestnut, red or black – does not harm strands.

Therefore, it is necessary to be ready for a long process of restoration of hair after discoloration and careful care of it throughout the “blonde” period.

Pros and cons

Hair lightening has many advantages. That’s why so many women choose the range of “blonde” for their hair.

Blonde hair is young. Due to the game of the sun and a huge number of shades of blond distracts attention from the imperfections of the face.

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The other plus follows from the first: the number of tones of the blonde exceeds five dozen, which allows any woman to pick up her own, perfect light shade.

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The coloring technique in a blond is very much – both full, where the whole hair is illuminated, and partial, where discoloration is only part of it. For those who are not ready for the decisive step of full “oblonning,” there are many opportunities to change the image, playing with light strands, tips of the hair, stretching color, and many other things.
Partial hair lightening techniques give a visual volume to the hair.

But there are a few downsides.

Lightening makes the hair porous and empty – this is because the oxidizers act very aggressively, deducing natural color pigment. But this minus can be leveled, carefully caring for the strands after staining. And partial dyeing techniques reduce risks by affecting only a part of the hair.

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The need to carefully care for lightened hair ranging from washing specialized shampoos and ending with the need to avoid getting on the strands of direct sunlight.
Lightening can only be done on healthy hair. If your hair is damaged, dry, brittle, the lighting will accentuate all these shortcomings. Therefore, before you lighten the strands, it is necessary to cure them.

Who’s it for?

The right shade of blond can decorate any woman. For example, tones such as beige, caramel, wheat, mocha, or honey will go to girls with warm peach or olive skin and bright eyes.

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Green-eyed beauties with alabaster skin, their tones – ash, cream or milk blond, dusted strawberries, pearls, and platinum.

There are in the blond range and such tones that go to all women without exception. First of all, it is a golden blond. Taken in a slightly darker or lighter gamut, it is truly versatile.

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A huge number of tones, which can lighten the hair, can significantly complicate the final choice. Just look at the stand, which is hair dyes in any cosmetic store to understand that all the tones are different, there are many them, and still want to understand.

So, the lightest shade of blond is white. Whites are quite a lot – it’s platinum, and gray, and pearls, and arctic, and ash. The lighter the shade, the more demanding it is to the face – the skin should be flawless. This applies primarily to the cold gamut of blond. Warm tones, on the other hand, hide the imperfections of the skin.


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Caramel, honey, peach shades are ideal for creating a natural well-groomed hair, give it a visual volume by playing light in painted strands, “light up” the face.

Caramel is an excellent choice for those not ready for radical lighting but want to “example” the image of a blonde. Dark caramel will give a shade of “chocolate blond,” which is present in the lines of many manufacturers of hair dyes.


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Wheat is a shade ideal for representatives of autumn and spring flower types; it looks very natural. The same girls will go so relevant in recent seasons strawberry blond. At the same time, warm, cozy, and original make its owner a bright and noticeable figure.

Pure blond is suitable for summer girls. It is neutral, but still more cold than warm. There are no golden inclusions in it, and there is no silver.

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Sand is another versatile shade of blond, as it consists of cold and warm tones. The darker the girl’s eyes, the darker and “cooler” can be the tone of “sand.” Owners of bright blue or green eyes can be added to the sand a little more “gold.”

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Beige – a very capricious tone, he is trying to give his owner yellowness in the strands. Therefore, those who still want to wear this rare and beautiful shade of blond will have to constantly use the means against the appearance of yellow spots.

Dirty blond doesn’t mean anything wrong. It is a combination of lightened strands with blond, chestnut, gray, and other darker tones.

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“Dirty” blondes better become women with bright and expressive facial features and radiant skin.

Mocha is a shade of cold scale; it is permissible to combine only coffee and milk blond. There should be no amber glare in the hair. The shade is quite universal; you need to choose the right degree of its intensity. Sometimes this tone is called Belgian chocolate, but chocolate is still darker.

Peach tones, taken in the right proportion, will decorate as a woman-spring with a warm appearance, and cold flower type summer. Peach is great for slightly sun-touched skin, further illuminating it.

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The golden blond is genuinely luxurious. He makes his owner royally beautiful.

Playing golden glare in the hair creates the effect of a truly lion’s mane. Gold can be used in partial coloring or “total” – it is always beautiful.

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Silver shades are no less beautiful. With light interspersions of blue, purple, pink, they fill the strands with volume and movement. The owner of such hair will not go unnoticed!

Another universal shade of blond hair can be called delicate and exquisite creamy. It contains both cold milk and the warmth of oil so that it will suit representatives of all color types.