15+ Best Prom Dresses 2022


Graduation is an exciting event that will be remembered for a lifetime. Indeed, on this day, many say goodbye to childhood and enter adulthood.

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Every girl dreams on this day of the most beautiful dress of 2019 “from which you can’t take your eyes off.” The selection criteria have remained unchanged for many years. The dress should be beautiful, fashionable, stylish and at the same time very comfortable. After all, graduation is not only an official part, but also unrestrained dancing until the morning.

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Choosing an outfit, you do not need to lean only towards evening fashion. After all, it is still designed for different ages. Graduation fashion, it is a little different and it is designed specifically for young girls.

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So, let’s take a closer look at the fashion trends of 2019. A review about prom dresses 2020 has also already been published .

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2019 trends ;
Fashion models for grades 9 and 11 ;
Fashion colors .
Prom Dresses: Fashion Trends 2019
Fashion trends this season are quite interesting. They include various styles, fabrics, finishes, textures.

Trend 1 – Sheer Fabrics, Delicate Shades And Floral Embroidery

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If you look at the catwalks, you can see that the overwhelming majority were very light, flying, translucent fabrics through which the skin was visible. It is something so tender and soft like a veil. Of course, this fashion trend deserves attention, but will such dresses be appropriate for prom? This is a very controversial issue. Of course, you can find interesting models, for example, such designers as Badgley Mischka and Marchesa, which will not look vulgar or vulgar, well stitched, tailored, but as a rule, such prom dresses are very expensive.

Trend 2 – Lace

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Well, what could be more tender than lace? Dresses made from this material always look good. Emphasize the tenderness, fragility of young beauties. Lace fabrics go well with various decor.

Trend 3 – Tulle Dresses

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Beautiful models of fashionable prom dresses are presented in the Alexander Mcqueen collection. Bright, catchy, they immediately catch the eye. Audacity, combined with tenderness, form a colorful image that will be appropriate for a special occasion.

Trend 4 – Fringe

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Fringe is very popular this season. Therefore, fashion designers could not leave this detail unattended and included it in fashionable images. Azzaro Haute showed how stylish and yet unpretentious a long fringe can look on a prom dress.

Trend 5 – Metallic

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Considering the fashion trends and novelties of this season, we can conclude that the metallic has not yet lost its relevance. That is why designers offer to put on metallic evening dresses . The style can be any. It can be short or long models. A good option was shown by Badgley Mischka. The model has no extra parts. In appearance, the evening dress is quite simple, but there is a certain magnetism in it that attracts the eye, I want to consider it in detail. The metallic sheen looks mysterious and enigmatic.

Trend 6 – Sequins

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Another of the main hits in 2019 is, of course, sequins and glitter. This version of prom dresses 2019 fits best if the prom is themed, for example, in disco style. Of course, there are styles of prom dresses that are decorated with sequins, but there are not so many of them, and they are a kind of highlight in the image. Bright and stylish models were shown by designers of such eminent houses as Blumarine, Dundas, Galia Lahav.

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Trend 7 – Large Bows And Feathers

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If we talk about some features of the fashion season, then these are, of course, feathers and large bows. Stylish prom dresses decorated with feathers look very unusual, but pretty. Not every girl will be able to feel comfortable in such an outfit. Therefore, such a choice of products should correspond to internal impulses, the soul should “lie” in this direction.

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Trend 8 – Double Skirts

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New prom dresses are interesting because they have double skirts. They look decent and allow you to correctly emphasize the figure. Moreover, skirts can be sewn from different fabrics and have contrasting shades.

Trend 9 – Short Balloon Dress

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Graduates can take a closer look at short balloon dresses. These are real lifesaver sticks that will emphasize slender legs and hide a small tummy and wide hips. For thin girls, this version of an evening dress for graduation will add the necessary forms. The balloon dress can be off-the-shoulder, as shown in the photo, or have straps and short sleeves.

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Fashion Models Of Prom Dresses

The lineup of prom dresses 2019 is diverse. When choosing one or another model, you also need to build on age. If older girls can dress in a more daring version of the product, then ninth graders should prefer more modest dresses for graduation 2019.

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Dresses For Graduation 9th Grade

Graduation dresses 9th grade can be free, fitted silhouette. Have decorative trim in the form of fringes, bows, sequins, rhinestones.

  • Glossy short dresses for 9th grade at graduation will look organic. They look interesting and textured.

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  • Asymmetric models do not go out of fashion.

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  • Girls dressed as babydolls will look glamorous and cute at the same time. Dresses for grade 9 can be of any color, ranging from soft marshmallows to bright colors.

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  • Dresses for grade 9 can be off the shoulder.

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  • Incredibly popular models with a choker.

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  • Another fashionable option for grade 9 is a top and skirt.

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  • Styles for grade 9 may include flounces, belts tied to a large bow.

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  • Do not lose sight of the multi-tiered options. Properly selected model will help to adjust the figure and make it more feminine. Plus, they look great in photos.

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Dresses For Graduation 11th Grade

Graduates from grade 11 can afford more “adult” models.

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  • The highlight of the whole image will be given by long prom dresses with a slit on the thigh. In this case, the incision should not be vulgar. Nevertheless, this is an official event, which will be attended by parents and teachers. At the same time, the upper part of the outfit should be concise and calm. This cut looks great on any color.

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  • Short prom dresses can have a sheath style. This option is elegant, suitable for almost any type of figure.

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  • Dresses with an American armhole. Open, fragile girlish shoulders create a feeling of lightness, sophistication. It should be understood that most often the American armhole is accompanied by an open back. Therefore, such styles of prom dresses are more suitable for girls with perfect skin.

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  • Another bold option is fashionable prom dresses with a deep neckline. But this option is far from suitable for everyone, especially girls with large breasts. It’s not even a matter of vulgarity or misunderstanding of others. Large breasts need extra support, but here it simply will not be.

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  • Fashionable bandeau prom dresses will be a great option for prom. They look elegant and sophisticated.

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  • When choosing a prom dress for grade 11, you can resort to a fashion trend that involves the presence of various frills and frills, but everything should be dosed so that the image does not resemble a layer cake.

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  • Beautiful prom dresses for grade 11 can be in contrasting colors. At couture shows, a lot of combinations of black and white were presented. This combination always looks impressive and beautiful.

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  • Fashion trends suggest actively using belts in an outfit. It can be a belt completely in color or a contrasting shade, a belt made of a different material than the dress itself. The belt will be able to emphasize the waist, create the right proportions, or visually make them where they do not exist.

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  • Tea-length evening dresses with a corset can also be attributed to the novelty of this season. Corset details are incredibly popular. They visually emphasize the waist, making it elegant. It will look chic in contrast with a fluffy skirt.

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  • Pastel looks great in 2019 prom dresses. These can be midi dresses, floor-length dresses, mini dresses, etc. Pastel colors always add a feminine touch to an outfit and are great to work with. You can choose pastel for yourself: it can be muted pink, blue, lilac, turquoise.

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  • Rich colors: cobalt, red, blue, green, emerald, etc. They declare themselves with their brightness, juiciness.

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Fashion for prom dresses 2019 came from the catwalks. So feel free to take ideas and experiment. Add decor if you feel like your outfit is too simple for the event. After reviewing the new products, you will definitely choose a worthwhile option for yourself, which will be acceptable both in terms of beauty and money. Also don’t forget about a beautiful prom hairstyle that will complete the look.

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