Benefits Of DIY Hair Mask + Why Hair Mask Is Important

diy hair mask

Many believe that the beauty and health of hair depend entirely on nature. But every girl who owns a thick and luxurious head of hair knows that this is far from true.

Brief About Homemade DIY Hair Mask

Of course, many factors determine by genes, but we must not forget the fact that the lush curls that you got from birth, require regular care and nutrition so that they retain their excellent appearance as long as possible.

Hair masks are an option for intensive hair care. With regular use, even the most over-dried and weakened hair, turn stylish and shining.

The composition of the masks is designed in such a way that the concentration of useful components is maximum, so even a small amount is enough to get the desired effect.

1In the age of rapid development of innovations, it would seem that it is not difficult to find a good mask that completely fits the type and structure of your hair, but, alas, this is not always the case.

2Firstly, it is not so easy among the wide range of goods that it beckons from the windows of cosmetic stores to decide on the purchase of a shampoo, balm, mask or conditioner.
All of them, at first glance, looks quite effective, and marketers’ suggestions promise instant results of hair restoration when you buy a specific product.

3Secondly, it is logical to assume that, if there is a relatively broad range of products on sale, then there is a high probability of stumbling upon a fake, the use of which will leave behind the dismal results.

4And thirdly, this is the price. Value for money, unfortunately, is not always justified. Sometimes, a brand-name impacts a huge amount of money turns out to be less effective rather than a hair care product of a not-so-known brand and for a much lower price.

5And today we will tell you what, in fact, are the main advantages of purchasing hair care products, in particular masks, how to choose a mask correctly, based on the type and structure of your curls, in combination with your financial situation, and what brand masks occupy top places in the modern market of hairdressing products.

Advantages Of Hair Mask

1If we even talk about the benefits of hair masks, you should, first of all, find out what advantages they contain in themselves, and what result can be achieved with their regular use.

The first thing that should be attributed to the category of the positive properties of hair masks is their presence in finished form.
Not every woman will start preparing hair care products at home, citing a lack of time, skill, or other household chores.

Therefore, it is easier to buy a hair mask already in a holistic version, where all the necessary components are already put together, which affect the growth and restoration of the structure of the curls no worse than the means of self-preparation.

4In addition, often in the composition of a suitable mask includes all the necessary ingredients to nourish and restore the structure of hair, which can not always be found in its pure form in a regular store or pharmacy.

5The second advantage of purchasing hair masks is their instant result. The usual process of washing hair takes from 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the length and density of the hair. Applying a mask takes from 3 to 20 minutes, considering the purpose and degree of effectiveness of the preparation itself.

6Equally important is the fact that purchased masks are much easier to use. They are easy to apply and even better wash off, while you have to sweat a little over the self-cooking mask.

7In the process of choosing a hair mask, it is also encouraging that their range is quite diverse. In particular stores, you can find masks for the treatment and restoration of hair, for oily and thin hair, for dry and damaged curls, as well as for daily use, and many others.

8While you search the Internet for various recipes for how to make hair masks at home, but other women, to save their own time and effort, will already enjoy the stunning effect of the newly acquired mask.

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How To Choose Hair Masks

Despite the huge choice, it is not so easy to choose a hair mask. Many women want to buy the entire line of hair care products from one manufacturer. But it also happens that the shampoo fits perfectly, and the mask makes the hair too heavy, or vice versa – the mask perfectly nourishes, but the shampoo dries the scalp.

The essential purpose of the mask is to nourish, protect and moisturize the hair, so its quality is the most crucial factor in choosing it.

To find the most suitable mask, you need to determine which problem it should solve:-

Moisturize Dry Hair
Repair Damaged
Preserve The Color Of Colored Hair
Straighten And Simplify Styling Curly Hair, Etc.

Useful properties of the mask determine the nutrients and plant extracts that are part of it. Reading the composition of the mask, it is important to remember that the components are always distributed in descending order.

Therefore, substances that occupy the last position in the composition, but are indicated on the front label, are very often contained in insignificant quantities.

To restore the weak and fine structure of the hair, protein masks are the ideal solution. Due to its deep penetration into the hair, the protein fills it, resulting in curls become thicker and more flexible, which has a positive effect on styling.

“Natural ingredients used in homemade masks are not as harmless as they seem. Some herbs, essential oils and other ingredients can cause severe allergic reactions!”

For thick, but split ends, masks with oil extracts are suitable. They promote hair restoration, make them softer and silky, besides oils are the best source of nourishment for the entire structure of curls.

You should never choose a mask for all types of hair and from all problems with them. Usually, such masks are less effective and of lower quality than those designed to solve a specific task.

You can buy a hair mask, which will become your great assistant for all occasions, by making a pre-order in our online store here. Among the wide range of products, you will surely choose a mask that is ideal not only for the type and structure of your hair but also does not make your financial situation more difficult.

The catalog contains products from high-end brand manufacturers, but even luxury masks are focused on the average price segment, which allows everyone to experience their effectiveness.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account that the type of hair (not the scalp, and the hair itself) – thin or hard, curly or straight, with split ends or without them.

For example, for thin, damaged or over-dried hair, it is better to use keratin masks: it is a protein that fills the voids and restores the hair structure. Hair becomes more elastic, does not break and does not push.

For regular hair, it is good to use vegetable oils masks, jojoba oil mask, argan oil mask, avocado, macadamia, etc. You can find out their presence in the mask by reading the composition.

Difference Types Of Mask

If the conditioner is recommended to be applied to the tips and along the length of the hair, the masks are divided into several groups.

only for tips (often permanent, which are applied after washing to wet or dry hair, prevent the appearance of split ends); those that are applied along the entire length of the hair are nourishing, regenerating, moisturizing;

Masks For The Scalp:- improve hair growth, eliminate dryness or excessive greasiness, nourish hair follicles. Masks that are applied to the scalp are often composed of honey, which is an excellent nutrient.

But mask with keratin and silicones are better not to be applied on the scalp, so as not to create a film: this will reduce the access of oxygen, which will increase the secretion of sebum, and hair follicles will become weaker.

Herbal extracts are another valuable ingredient. It gives hair the power of nature, makes it silkier.

Professional Masks:- those used in salons – are more expensive. But they have their advantages: first, they are spent more economically, and secondly, the effect after them is more noticeable and long-lasting.

Masks for colored hair deserve special attention. They have two goals at once: to nourish weakened hair with nutrients (sources of which are vegetable oils and extracts) and to create the thinnest film around each strand, which will prevent the loss of pigment. These masks are divided into two groups: some are used immediately after dyeing to “seal” the pigment, they are more intense; the second – for regular care.

For Dry Hair

Masks from egg yolks and butter,
Mask from honey, nettle,

For Greasy Hair

Masks from lemon juice with garlic
currants, potatoes, clabber;

For Hair Growth

Masks from mustard, from onions mask, tinctures from the pepper.

Shining Hair Style:-

Many essential oils like castor oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil and many more.

To Stop Hair Fall:-

Mask-like banana mask, strawberry hair mask, avocado hair mask, mayo hair mask

And also there are recipes for various nutritional and revitalizing masks, masks for strengthening and moisturizing hair, shine masks and masks for facilitating combing and so on and so forth! In short, among the favorite recipes, you can find an option that is suitable for any occasion and any problem.

Cons Of Homemade Hair Masks

1As for the minuses, the first thing to mention is the time spent on their preparation. If you only need to squeeze the store mask from the tube and apply it on your hair, then you will have to tinker with some homework! Moreover, for each application, you need to prepare a fresh mask every time, which is not always convenient.

2Besides, homemade masks are absolutely impossible to do on vacation. Firstly, there is no place to prepare them there, and it is inconvenient to carry the necessary components with them, and secondly, homemade masks usually need to be kept on the hair for an hour, or even longer, which is not always possible in a hotel or on vacation.

Pros Of Homemade DIY Hair Mask

Well, and quite obvious, impressive and undeniable benefits of homemade DIY hair mask are –

  • They are good efficiency
  • No side effects
  • Contains all natural and active ingredients
  • Harmless
  • Suitable for all hair type
  • Can be used in any seasons and any weather conditions
  • Can be used at any age male, female and children.

How To Use Hair Masks

Masks are applied to clean, damp hair. The holding time depends on the type of mask and its composition. On average, it is 10-15 minutes. But some masks are recommended to stand on the hair for an hour or more.

In the warmth, the hair structure becomes looser, the components of the mask penetrate better. Therefore, for a more significant effect, it is better to wrap the head with a towel or wear a thermos cap.

It is necessary to wash off the mask carefully – after all, if part of it remains on the hair, even immediately after washing it will look greasy and heavy.

The Measure Is Essential In Everything:- “overfed” hair looks dull and does not hold up hair well. Therefore, the mask should not be used after each shampooing, especially if you do it daily. The optimal frequency is once every 7-10 days.

Result Duration Of Hair Mask

As you know homemade DIY hair masks are slow in progression but miraculous effects in results. But not like other chemical procedure which can worsen your hair roots after some days, so you can take a min length of 90 to 120 days to start seeing some significant results in terms of hair regrowth on bald spot, hair shine, increase in hair volume

Online Or Pharmacy Hair Care Products Are Good Or Not?

Yes, I never denied this, there are many pharma hair care products which contain useful vitamins and nutrition for your hair follicles. In this blog you can find my own personal unbiased reviews about products which I used, researched, or got some personal real-life experiences.

Final Thought About Using And Benefits Of Diy Hair Mask

Homemade DIY hair mask, of course, have the right to exist and you can use them. They are good for our hair follicles, revitalize them, through which our hair roots can breathe.