25+ DIY Bedroom Decor Ideas


Tired of seeing your own bedroom? We offer 25+ DIY solutions for simple decor. Many of our ideas are very simple, others require a little more effort. In any case, you will find an option for yourself. With just a little effort, your bedroom will be transformed!

1. Paint the walls a rich but soothing color.

bedroom decor 1 1

2. Place a colorful bedspread.

bedroom decor 2 2

3. Place several rugs on top of each other.

bedroom decor 3 3

4. Soft the headboard by the bed.

bedroom decor 4 4

5. Hang a large painting over your headboard.

bedroom decor 5 5

6. Small – off-center.

bedroom decor 6 6

7. Or you can go further and make a whole gallery out of the wall at the headboard.

bedroom decor 7 7

8. If you have an Art Nouveau bedroom, buy classic style bedside tables.

bedroom decor 8 8

9. Add a large houseplant.

bedroom decor 9 9

10. If the size of the bedroom allows, move the bed away from the walls to make it the center of attention in the room.

bedroom decor 10 10

11. Paint a small detail, such as a bedside table, a bright color.

bedroom decor 11 11

12. Buy a pendant decoration.


13. Place two mismatched side tables for contrast.

bedroom decor 12 12


14. Hang a rug (or large patterned fabric) at the headboard.

15. Use one or more low tables as a bedside table.

16. And put pictures on them.

bedroom decor 13 13

17. Use a simple lamp hanging from the ceiling as your bedside light, with a cord wrapped around the hook several times.


18. Make a shelf above the headboard and use it for a mini-exhibition of paintings and figurines.

bedroom decor 14 14

19. Cover the wall behind the bed with photo wallpaper

bedroom decor 15 15

20. Hang a large rug made of thick twine at the head of the bed.

bedroom decor 16 16

21. Lean an old wooden staircase against one of the walls and braid

with Christmas lights

bedroom decor 17 17

22. Hang the metal sculpture over the bed.

bedroom decor 18 18

23. Continue the gallery to the next wall.

bedroom decor 19 19

24. Drape the wall behind the bed with a cloth.


25. A mirror with a shiny frame can be hung on the drapery.

bedroom decor 20 20

26. Lay a patchwork quilt as a bedspread.