25 Beautiful Natural Hairstyles For Black Women

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Women, by nature, always strive for novelty, like to try everything new and experiment with their appearance. Especially if it concerns the color of hair because today it is as easy to change. Dyes, care products and other hairdressers new products appeared so much that every girl can choose something to your taste and under their hair.

It remains only to find out what subtleties you need to consider when choosing ways to dye your hair. And specifically in this article, we will tell what is more suitable for owners of dark hair.

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General Principles

Brunettes and marquees in themselves attractive and exciting, no wonder many men prefer all other women exactly burning beauties. However, dark-haired women often want to diversify their appearance, as they consider it somewhat dull. At the same time, getting the desired color is not so easy. Coloring curls of dark shades have a lot of nuances, which are worth knowing.

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Today there is a massive selection of different coloring techniques: chalking, branding, balayage, shatouche, ombre. At the same time, there are new fashionable chips that you want to try on your hair.

Some are more suitable for long curls or medium lengths, others – for short. We will find out which of them can be best beaten on dark hair and how to achieve the best results.

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Choosing a color

Although the main criterion in this matter is taste preferences, every woman wants to know how much her wishes will be easy to implement. We learn which colors are easier to recreate on dark hair, and which should be treated with caution.
Natural dyes

First of all, consider natural dyes. Today they are not popular, but they give hair not only a new shade but also a healthy shine, as discoloration does not require. These include:

  • ground coffee
  • Basma
  • Strong tea
  • Walnut
  • Sage

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At the same time to get a bright shade, of course, will not work, and to wait for the result is after a few procedures. By the way, after hen and Basma chemical dyes can behave on the hair unpredictably, so doing one coloring soon after another is not recommended.


Gently consider painting dark hair – tinted. This uses a very small percentage of oxidizer, which minimally affects the hair. However, the color is applied in this way, from 2 to 4 weeks. Usually dark hair toning with the same shade or a little darker.

This is an excellent way to return the hair saturated color if they are burnt out in the sun or dimmed as a result of adverse environmental impacts, stress, lack of vitamins, etc.

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With persistent coloring, colors that are not too far away in the color spectrum are most often recommended. It is chestnut, chocolate, dark cherry, burgundy, etc. They look noble, refreshing and adding a new touch to the appearance of a woman, but at the same time maintaining her usual image.

However, in most cases, such changes are not enough, because the temptation at least once to try yourself in the role of a glamorous blonde or red beast is so great. Especially often dark-haired girls dream about getting a cold shade of blonde like platinum.

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It should be noted that the success of this event depends on the nature of the curls. For example, in Eastern women or Italians hair is so wrong to lighten that in most cases, they do not even try to do it. But dark-blond Slavs often get after lightening quite a successful result, close to the natural.

Painting curls in a light color for the first time, they need to be lightened with the oxidizer. After this procedure, the dye of the chosen shade is applied to the hair. If you do everything right, you can count on a decent result, that is to get those white curls.

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There is a way of gradual coloring, which requires a lot of patience because in this case, the lightening takes place in stages. At the same time you need to dye your hair several times, each time using a shade a little lighter than the previous one.

By taking a step into three shades, you can gradually get closer to what you want to get. As a result, the hair will remain healthy and will not lose its natural luster, as it can happen in the case of regular coloring in one reception.

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Coloring options

Today, natural coloring in one color is no longer popular. Trendy chips replaced them, and every year the number of new changes in hairdressing art is steadily growing. Let’s analyze the most trendy, as well as long-loved coloring techniques for dark hair.


The technique “Airtech” allows to organically “connect” their and dyed hair. The master creates glares of a different color on dark hair. They do not just make the hairstyle brighter and unusual, thanks to a unique way of applying paint over time colored strands naturally mix with the leading hair, so even after regrowth hairstyle has a well-groomed look. This technique is suitable for hair of any length, except very short. Consider it step by step:

  • hair from the top of the crown is previously divided into strands
  • then one of them is taken and raised at right angles
  • it is blown out by a stream of air so that it is slightly swollen
  • The “thin” strand is stained on foil and wrapped, just as the masterworks with all the hair of the top.

All natural coloring has many subspecies, but in the conventional sense by this word means dyeing hair strands in several colors. It is not necessary to limit yourself at all, as the choice of color is absolutely free.

You can give preference to even the brightest tones, but for this, of course, you have to lighten the curls with an oxidizer. At the same time, the owners of multi-layered haircuts can be limited to coloring only the bottom layer, and single-layer – to choose California technique.

It is believed that the owners of pale skin, close to white, are more suitable for brightening strands such cold colors as ash or platinum, and to create a bright, creative image – blue, green, purple, pink.

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The only fashionable grey color they are better to exclude, so as not to overdo it with paleness. But the “warm” tone of the skin will be closer honey, red, nut, cognac, vanilla, golden shades. Here is one of the methods of this coloring.

The strands are taken half a centimetre wide and smeared with a diluted oxidizer in the right proportion, and then wrapped with foil. It takes about half an hour to keep the composition.

  • After the drug is washed away, and hair dried, you can apply different dyes.
  • In order not to get confused in the colors, it is recommended to sign cups.
  • Highlight the discolored areas and curl curls with clips. Choose from them one strand, paint it with the right color and wrap in foil.
  • Soak the dye for as long as it takes in the annotation. Do not forget which strands were painted before others, so as not to overdo them.

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Marble coloring involves the use of two closely related shades on all hair. Chestnut, chocolate, coffee are great for the basis of such coloring, and the second tone can be from a red scale, and it will mix with oxidizer. The main thing is not to allow too bright colors like purple, as “marble” excludes it. Paint can be applied in different ways: zigzag, darn, veil, etc.

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Compared to other ways of painting, this is quite gentle. The word itself combines two words – brown and blond, which can be understood as a compromise between two different shades.

To get spectacular results, this technique requires high professionalism of the master. Best of all, this painting is suitable for brown-haired women and dark blond – then your color does not need to be darkened. Darker hair has to lighten up a bit.

Two paints are prepared, one of which is lighter and the other is darker than the base.
Several strands are stretched (as opposed to chalking, you don’t need to take them symmetrically).

After the strands are painted, the master carefully smears chaotically apply the paint on the remaining hair. This is the most challenging moment in the creation of booking, but it allows you to achieve a natural result.

Reminiscent of the previous bonding technique. It is a mixture of noble and “delicious” colors: chocolate and caramel. Here’s how it’s done.

  • Choose thin strands of hair in an arbitrary order.
  • Light them up, making an indentation at a distance of 2 to 4 cm from the roots. The composition is left for about 20 minutes.
  • The oxidizer is washed off, after which the lightened hair is chosen with a thin brush and paint is applied to them in a chaotic manner. They wait 30 minutes and wash away.

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Ombre became popular earlier than a balaj or a shatouch, so every girl has heard about it. It assumes that the dye is distributed to all hair, not to separate strands. A light tone usually falls on the tips at the height of 10 cm or up to the cheekbones. The colors of the ends can be different – from blond to cherry.


When performing it, the hairdresser applies the paint with light careful strokes. At the same time, the colored strands have different degrees of color, as the touch of the brush along the length of the hair has different pressure.

Thus the hairstyle looks natural, and it seems as if the curls themselves slightly changed the color in the sun. Usually for this technique do not take foil, the paint is aged just like that or under the film.

Especially spectacular this coloring looks on graded hairstyles and curled curls.

Brunettes are usually advised to pay attention to such colors as shades of burgundy, caramel, cherry, copper, eggplant, dark and light chocolate, caramel, but the hit, of course, remains everyone’s favourite blond.

How to do it:

  • Hair is divided into separate strands, immediately tightening each with a rubber band;
    all the ends of the hair are brightened, for this they are painted and foil is applied on top
  • after about 20 minutes, the master lightly conducts the brush on the strands in the direction from the tips up, not reaching the top of the top
  • even after the same time, these strokes are absorbed, and you can wash your head.


It is a staining of strands, usually in natural colors. Looks beautiful on the hair, and at the same time does not create too contrasting image. Often taken shade on a couple of tones lighter than the base, and it can be cognac, caramel, coffee with milk, etc.

Hair is divided into pieces and fixed. They pull out thin strands and comb.
They make vertical strokes. At the same time, due to combing the paint touches the curls not along the entire length, but only slightly.
After 40 minutes, the paint is washed off.

Caramel splices ✨

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This very unusual coloring will suit only the most creative people, trying to stand out from the crowd and supporting fashion trends. It is suitable only for owners of smooth straight hair, on which the lines will look bright and expressive. Ideas of drawings can be any, among the popular options – geometric shapes, plant patterns, leopard spots, feathers, various symbols.

On dark hair, all these prints look bright and extraordinary; they allow you to make glossy accents and self-expression. With all the apparent simplicity to dye the hair in this way is not easy, even if you take a picture on the side, so it is better to go to the salon.

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To make a dark hairstyle really bright will help the use of a relatively new technology of neon coloring. It does not last long, it will come down after seven flushes, but the spectacular result is worth the money spent.

The process of creating such a masterpiece of hairdressing art is quite understandable. First, the right strands lighten with an oxidizer, and then apply on them a special gel, which allows you to get not just colored, but literally radiating light curls.

It looks especially spectacular on completely smooth hair.All of the above techniques and types of coloring have their own options, which are constantly changing. In order to recreate one of them on your hair, it is better to turn to qualified colorists. If you come to the hairdresser without special skills, even with all his desire, he may not meet your expectations.