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Since it was past ten years, I came across some beautiful experiences regarding nature, life, aromatherapy, and essential oils. But never had a dream to start a blog to share my experience and journey to my reader who is always hunting for some home remedies, in fact, I would say those who frustrated with the commercial products in the market.

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I never say all the products in the market which are commercial purpose are harmful, some are outstanding products out there but still, natural products are far good and no side effects,

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In today’s time the commercial companies who produced cosmetic products the only thing in their mind to make quick bucks in no time. And we fooled by their cheap marketing tactics like remove acne marks in 1 week, weight loss with this belt and soon.

rebecca hair mask for hair lossI used many products when I suffered from Female Baldness and hair loss. I spend a minimum of some thousand bucks in cosmetic products whatever I saw in the commercial programme. But things got worse.

One day when I went to my grandmom’s house, she suggests me some natural treatments like jojoba oil hair mask, onion juice hair mask, essential oil hair mask, as a USA, NewYork, a super metro city girl I never heard about these kinds of recipes. But times wise, I supper addicted to natural treatments.

Exactly I remembered it took me 4-5 months and I not only strengthen my hair but also prevent hair loss and give it a natural look shine. Above the pic is of my post graduation annual function day, and you can see my hair, I was super happy at that time.
It was one year back I decided to start my blog and youtube channel to share my real life experience and thoughts, and the Remedies one Came to Life.


I crossed 200k subscribers successfully within one and half year of my journey and now more focused on my Rebecca Hair Mask Blog to help everyone out here who suffer as like me I was before.

if you are reading this, you will be wonder natural therapy, and home remedies are a well suitable and almost permanent cure for each health issues and problems only if you persist to it.

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I thanked my mom and my grandma who took me to this field and now have an opportunity to share my thoughts with you.

My Professional Career

Being as a profession, I did M.A in English from Michigan University and had four years of experience in naturopathy and aromatherapy.
I started RemediesOne Youtube Channel as well as a blog to help you and review all the products which helped me a lot or I tried before as well as an alternative solution.

I have some free guides and ebook in this blog which contains enough research, resources and my personal guidance for DIY HAIR MASK.

I included a Paid guide with a nominal charge, but it is all about my #90DaysHairGrowthChallenge Recipe with my personal guidance, live support, guide on daily basis upto 90 days to help you to regrow hair using my DIY hair mask. It’s up to you to be with me, or you can also enjoy all free contents and free guides+eBook in this blog to get maximum benefits.

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I am Rebecca White, a passionate fashion blogger with an expertise in hair styling and tattoos. I have spent years honing my skills and knowledge in these areas, and have become known for helping my followers achieve their desired looks. Through my blog, I share helpful tips and tricks on how to achieve the perfect hairstyle or tattoo design, while staying up-to-date on the latest trends in fashion.