Nature itself gives us a lot of products that can be used to improve the condition of hair. One of them is a healthy and unique garlic oil Shampoo. In this post i discussed how to use garlic shampoo for hair loss and its benefits for hair in details.

infographic about benefits of garlic for hair

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What is Garlic Shampoo?

Garlic oil, in essence, is an oil extract of garlic. To understand this in simple terms, oil is what is squeezed out of seeds, fruits or vegetables.

But there is practically no oil in the garlic itself so there will be nothing to squeeze. Therefore, another method is used to prepare the oil.

usage of garlic cloves

Garlic mostly used in cooking, but it has received the most extensive and diverse use in cosmetology. Garlic is most often used to improve the condition of the hair, as well as stimulate their growth.

Garlic Shampoo benefits for Hair Loss?

  • When using garlic oil, hair becomes soft and moist, get a healthy appearance and shine.
  • With regular use, hair loss is noticeably reduced. And in about 3-4 months, the curls begin to grow faster and become thick. All this is not just empty words, as the effectiveness is confirmed by reviews below.

prepare garlic for shampoo

  • The composition contains unique element selenium, which, firstly, ensures the proper absorption of vitamin E, which is present in the body (and this vitamin is essential for proper hydration and nourishment of curls).
    • Secondly, selenium protects against the harmful effects on tissues of free radicals, the activity of which can lead to premature ageing and even cell breakdown.
  • Vitamin C, firstly, strengthens the small vessels located under the scalp, and thus provides a full blood supply and nutrition of the hair follicles.
    • Secondly, ascorbic acid is involved in the stimulation of collagen production, and it is an essential component of the hair and skin. Also, vitamin C makes the curls stronger and prevents their increased fragility, strengthening the structure.
  • Thiamine, which is also present in the composition, also contributes to the normalization and improvement of blood circulation.
  • Garlic oil contains vitamins of group B, which are also necessary for healthy and active hair growth. First, they are involved in metabolic processes and the formation of new healthy cells.
    • Secondly, such vitamins normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands and protect against dandruff.

different types of garlic cloves

  • Garlic has antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects that allow you to get rid of some diseases of the scalp, such as seborrhea, lichen and some others.
  • Garlic oil contains calcium, without which the hair simply would not exist.
  • Garlic Oil has a local irritant effect, which significantly speeds up blood circulation and, therefore, blood supply and nutrition of follicles.

As a result, the process of hair loss stops, and growth becomes more active.


Garlic oil is completely natural; therefore, practically has no contraindications. Also, contraindications include individual intolerance to the components, but it occurs less frequently. Besides, the product may cause allergies, so before using it, by all means, test it on a small area of your skin and watch the reaction for several hours.

Where To Buy Garlic Shampoo

You can buy oil at a pharmacy or in a speciality store or from Amazon Store here. Carefully read the composition and make sure that there are no preservatives, flavours and other artificial additives.

Note:- if you want alternative to garlic oil, you can apply jojoba oil on scalp as well for hair regrowth.

How Can I Make Garlic Shampoo at Home?

You can prepare the product yourself, and it is not difficult. You will need:
One not too large head of garlic;
500 millilitres of natural oil (it is best to take olive oil, but another, for example, linseed oil, will also do)

Garlic Shampoo Cooking method:-

  1. Take Garlic peel and divide into cloves. Each clove can be cut into several pieces.
  2. Place the garlic in a glass jar or bottle (it is advisable to choose a container with darkened walls), pour the oil into it. To speed up the preparing process, the oil can be heated, but when exposed to heat, some of the beneficial substances of garlic can evaporate.
  3. Close the jar tightly and keep it to a dark place. If you used heated oil, the product will be ready in 3-5 days. If there was no heating, keep the container for 10-14 days.
  4. After the finished composition and use to improve the condition of the hair. Keep it in a cool place or in the refrigerator.

How To Apply Garlic Shampoo On Hair?

Use garlic oil to improve the condition of the hair can be either in its pure form or as part of store products.

In the first case, the composition should be slightly heated (this will increase the penetrating properties and enhance the effect) and simply rub into the scalp, and then distribute over the entire length of the curls.

Then it is better to wrap the head with a shower cap, and also cover it with a towel. After an hour, everything must be thoroughly washed with warm water. There will be no unpleasant smell (reviews confirm this), so you should not worry about it.

Can I Leave Garlic Shampoo on My Hair Overnight?

yes, you can leave garlic paste on your hair overnight without any issue, but use shower cap and rinse your hair on morning with normal water.

Does Garlic Help Bald Spots?

Yes, garlic paste can help you to regrow hair if you apply on your bald spots as garlic contains high amount of calcium, which helps to grow your hair.

Other recipes based on garlic oil extract

1) Mix two tablespoons of garlic oil, a tablespoon of kefir, egg yolk and about 10 grams of chopped onion. Apply the composition for half an hour on the scalp and the entire length of hair, then wash them.

2) Mix in parts of castor, garlic and burdock oil, apply the mixture to the scalp for an hour, then rinse the head thoroughly with warm water.


We suggest you study a couple of reviews:-

[su_quote cite=”Alisha, 28″]”I have been using garlic oil for a long time, and everyone admires my curls. They stop falling out, grow fast and look amazing. I am very pleased!”[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”Olivia, 31″]”When the condition of hair deteriorated after childbirth, I decided to use a proven natural remedy – garlic oil extract. I was afraid that there would be an unpleasant smell, but it was not. I am very pleased with the effect, and the state has noticeably improved after the first applications.”[/su_quote]